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Next up on ye olde blog is Crystal Perkins. She’ll be attending Passion in Portland and I’m looking forward to meeting her in person! Crystal writes romantic suspense novels about female spies. Frankly, that sounds fabulous!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00072]What sparked the idea for your latest novel? Was there a specific “Ah—ha!” moment?

Tending Their SECRET is the 8th book in my Corrigan & Co. series. Ellie and Aiden were already reader favorites, and I knew I had to go big with them.  Since they were continuing characters, I had set up a little bit of their background in other books, but I wanted a big shock at the beginning of the book, so that’s what I gave the reader—an opening prologue that would be completely unexpected.

I will also say that I had a cold, so my cold medicine and all the Magic Mike XXL commercials I kept seeing while writing, may have inspired a specific scene!
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Mega Research Trip: #Prague (Pt. 1)

I don’t know what it is about Prague, but it’s like you can just FEEL that there HAS to be vampires living there. Or if there isn’t, there should be.  I can totally envision Morgan and co. running through the cobblestone streets taking names and kicking ass. Supernaturally speaking, of course.

Yours truly.
An amazing view across the river into the old town.





It’s especially atmospheric as the sun sets, creating an epic backdrop for the palace and other interesting buildings.

Palace against the sunset.

On the second day, we visited the palace itself.  The complex is MASSIVE. It makes the castle of the dragon king, Drago, look downright scrawny! (Not something you want to tell a dragon.)

View of Prague from the palace the next morning. Oops! How’d that filter get there?
Tacky tourist pose with palace guard.






The cathedral on palace grounds. MASSIVE and oh, so very gothic.
Yours truly, again. This time in the palace complex.







Trust me, you WILL get fit walking up and down the extremely steep hill to the castle complex. Our hotel was about half-way up that hill. It was so perfect.

View on the way down.
View on the way down.





I can also totally see a romantic suspense or a murder mystery taking place here. And, believe me, the ideas are churning!

Next time: More Prague!

Ed Harris vs. Aragorn

This week’s Writer Wednesday guest is another fabulous Montlake (and indie) author, Norah Wilson. But I didn’t meet her through Montlake. I met her over a year ago through an online writer group and we’ve been friends and super-fans of each other ever since! I asked Norah the question: Why do you love romance?

I am a life-long romance reader, having started reading my mother’s tame Harlequins long before I perhaps should have been. There was always something so comforting about them. No matter the challenges (or should I say the misunderstandings? I seem to remember a lot of them!), no matter how arrogant or bull-headed the hero (I remember a lot of them too!), the heroine always managed to set him straight, after which they got their happy ending. A lot has changed about romance since those days, including the level and nature of the conflict. Heck, these days, the H&h might not even be the same species. But much remains the same, including the work and/or sacrifice required for the couple to earn their happily ever after.
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