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Epic #ParanormalRomance Research Trip: Paris (Pt 2) – Okay, Technically Versailles

The MASSIVE palace. No wonder the peasants got a bit peeved!

Although I’ve been to Paris a few times, this was my first trip to Versailles. And let me say, WOW! I don’t know which was more astonishing: the palace or the hordes of tourists.



Every room in the palace is pretty epic, but the throne room is particularly breathtaking. I swear it reminded me of the Sidhe King’s palace in the Sunwalker Saga! (Why does my brain always go to paranormal romance? Gee, can’t imagine!)

The Sidhe King’s palace. Er, I mean the throne room at Versailles.









The hallways have the most amazing vaulted ceilings of creamy stone. Again, reminiscent of the palace in the Other World. But I can also imagine it after dark with only flame to dimly light it. What lurks in the shadows at the Hunter passes by…?

Can you imagine Morgan getting attacked by the big man-boar thing? That axe could really take a chip out of the floor. (See, there I go again with the PNR!)

Even ordinary hallways are anything but…ordinary.









Even the furnishings glittered with magic. I think I must have a soft spot in my heart for the impossibly gaudy.


I want this writing desk! They won’t notice if I ‘borrow’ it, right?

And I totally need this chandelier in my bedroom. I’m sure it’ll fit.









The famous Hall of Mirrors was every bit as magical as they tell you it is. Except there are tourists. Lots and lots of tourists.

I swear you could hardly move for the crush. This must have been what it was like during a party! Only with better clothes.



Selfie time! This is my friend Lyn. You might recognize her from the video I did in Paris.














And there were an inordinate number of men in cravats. If you follow me on Facebook, you know how I feel about a man in a cravat! Alas they were not real men, so we had to leave them there.

And that, my friends, was the end of our adventure in Versailles!

More to come!


Shéa & Sheena’s Excellent #Atlantis Adventure (#paranormalromance #urbanfantasy)

Those of you who have read Spellwalker might remember that Noah and Emory had their first date at a place called Cartlandia. Imagine a certain reader’s surprise when she found out Cartlandia is a real place! Check out this video where my sister Sheena and I show you around and talk deep fried ribs, sweet potato pie, and Atlantean food.

Mega #Research Trip: Day 4 – Rambles in #HydePark, #Mayfair, and #NottingHill

I totally lucked out on this Mega Research Trip of 2015. My friend and fellow author, Emma Jameson, was also in London doing some research of her own (She’s got two AMAZING cozy mystery series. I can’t recommend them enough). We were able to hang out and combine our research adventures.

First stop: Hyde Park. One of my favorite places in London. You will no doubt recognize the name from a couple of my books. Morgan gets into it with a vampire in Hyde Park in the second Sunwalker Saga novel, Kissed by FireThe park also makes an appearance in my contemporary romance series, Notting Hill Diaries.

Hyde Park in the morning.
The fabulous Emma Jameson lounging in Hyde Park.






Our next stop was Mayfair. One of Emma’s series is set largely in Mayfair, so this was a natural for our agenda.

See that ridiculously shiny car below? That was just meandering through the streets so of course I had to snap a pic. Good thing I did. It inspired a scene in the upcoming Sunwalker Saga: Witchblood novel, Deathwalker.

I also found some great pics of the inspiration for the mysterious basement apartment in Kissing Frogs(If you’ve read it, you know what I mean!)

This uber cool car makes an appearance in the upcoming Witchblood novel, Deathwalker.
The mysterious basement flat from Kissing Frogs. I used to walk by such flats every day on my way to work in Mayfair.
The mysterious basement flat.
Grosvenor Square near the American Embassy.










A church in Mayfair.
The Mayfair – a pub near my old office. We just had to pop in for a pint!







Finally, we had to skip over to Notting Hill for some research. With Kissing Mr. Darcy coming up this fall, I knew I needed more fodder. I certainly got it! From the quirky shops to the pastel houses, everything was so inspirational. I can’t wait to add all kinds of fun things to the book. Including some flirtations with handsome gentlemen. ;-)

A typical row of houses in Notting Hill. Much as I imagine Kate’s flat to be in Kissing Frogs.
Chloe, however, is a more colorful sort. She lives in one of these. Painted purple, naturally.
Of course we HAD to take a picture in front of this sign!
One of the many cute little shops.
We had to stop here for refreshment.
More Notting Hill Goodness.
A Notting Hill pub that will most definitely appear in the books.


















It was certainly a busy day! Next up: More adventures in London. AND stay tuned for Prague!



Magic & Mayhem Release Party TODAY! #giveaways #paranormalromance



Join in the fun TODAY at 4pm Pacific (7pm Eastern). Three hours of games, giveaways, and random shenanigans to celebrate the release of my book, Kissed by Ice, and Tara West’s hilarious paranormal romantic comedy, Divine and Dateless.

Here’s the LINK. Stop on by and say “Heyyyy!”

What To Read Next: Off To St. Helens

As you all probably know by now, I’m a HUGE fan of paranormal romance (PNR) and scifi romance (SFR). I write both, and I read both.

AmaryllisLately I got to thinking about a trilogy I read back in the day. And by “back in the day” I’m talking late 90s (clearly I was an infant at the time). It was this fantastic series that took place on an alien world that had been colonized by humans. The humans had developed these amazing psychic abilities. I couldn’t stop thinking about the series, so I hopped on over to Amazon and picked up the first book in the series: Amaryllis by Jayne Castle.

For those of you who have never heard of Jayne Castle, she’s the alter ego of the uber popular romance novelist Jayne Ann Krentz. As Jayne Castle she writes all kinds of paranormal romantic goodness.

So, if you love psychics, murder, mystery, and romance and wrapped up on an alien planet, you have GOT to check out the St. Helens Trilogy!

Amaryllis Lark is one of the best psychic detectives on St. Helen’s, the earth colony recently cut off from the mother planet, yet not so very different from home. . . . Lucas Trent, the rugged head of Lodestar Exploration, isn’t keen on the prim type—and from her crisp business suit to her cool evaluation of his request to bust a corporate thief, beautiful Amaryllis is excruciatingly proper. But when a bold hunch heats up into a twisting murder investigation, by-the-book Amaryllis must let her guard down and break some rules—and a red-hot love affair ignites. Now, as they race to solve a puzzle of deadly intrigue, no power—otherworldly or otherwise—can keep them apart!

Pick up a copy of Amaryllis HERE.

Welcome to Faerie, Mr Darcy.

Ladies and Gents, my apologies for the late post, but things have been a bit nuts this morning. I have for you another fabulous Montlake author sharing her thoughts on romance and the paranormal. Please welcome Delle Jacobs!

Thanks for having me here, Shéa! It’s great to see you on the Montlake author list!

Delle Jacobs

I wasn’t always a lover of romance. For a long time, I just assumed romances were poorly written, cheesy love stories, but I was really tired of dark, ugly, gritty stories that seemed to be so popular for a long time. So I’m grateful for Laura Kinsale for the first romance I ever read, Flowers From the Storm. I found what I was missing in the rest of commercial fiction. I like believing in people, and in finding happiness in love. And no matter what critics say about 50% of marriages failing, there are still the other 50% that don’t. Romance is about finding a true committed relationship. And that’s something I believe in.

S – Amen, to that, Delle!

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The Lure Of Romance

Latte Art by Mortefot

Today another of my new friends from Montlake Romance, Susannah Sandlin, dropped by for a chat and a cuppa. So pour yourself something tasty, pull up a chair, and join in on the conversation as I ask this author of dark paranormal romance (just my kind!) a few questions. Like why she loves paranormal romance…

I always like to joke that I love to read romance novels—as long as either the hero or heroine (or both) aren’t human. Yeah, I’m one of those paranormal romance people. What’s the lure of paranormal romance?

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Ed Harris vs. Aragorn

This week’s Writer Wednesday guest is another fabulous Montlake (and indie) author, Norah Wilson. But I didn’t meet her through Montlake. I met her over a year ago through an online writer group and we’ve been friends and super-fans of each other ever since! I asked Norah the question: Why do you love romance?

I am a life-long romance reader, having started reading my mother’s tame Harlequins long before I perhaps should have been. There was always something so comforting about them. No matter the challenges (or should I say the misunderstandings? I seem to remember a lot of them!), no matter how arrogant or bull-headed the hero (I remember a lot of them too!), the heroine always managed to set him straight, after which they got their happy ending. A lot has changed about romance since those days, including the level and nature of the conflict. Heck, these days, the H&h might not even be the same species. But much remains the same, including the work and/or sacrifice required for the couple to earn their happily ever after.
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Writer Wednesday: The Quest for Eternal Youth

A couple of my friends, Heather Marie Adkins (writing as Nolia McCarty) and Julia Crane have teamed up to write a fantastic new novel called Eternal Youth.  I was able to catch up with the ladies over virtual coffee and find out a little be more about magic, collaboration, and the quest for Eternal Youth.

Fountain of Youth by Eduard Veith - National Geographic

1. What do you love most about the story and characters in Eternal Youth?

J: My favorite part is traveling aspect of the book, as well as the search for the elusive Fountain Of Youth. I’ve always been fascinated with the legend. Of course, the older I get, the more I’d like to find it on my own…
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Fantastical Friday: Rednecks, Hijinx, and Bringing Sexy Back

Today is a very special Fantastical Friday.  A couple of my Indie Eclective peeps have new books out, so we are celebrating!  And what better way to celebrate the new redneck comedy by the fabulous PJ Jones than with a classic Ray Stevens UFO tribute!

If only all UFO abductions were so much fun.

And talking about fun, check out the new release by PJ Jones, Driving Me Nuts.  While PJ is normally known for her parodies, this one is a deeply moving and yet hilariously funny tale of loss, love and discovery.

Three mental patients, two loaded guns, one stolen car, and a whole lot of trouble. 

Check it out over on The Zon.

As if that weren’t enough, Lizzy Ford’s latest paranormal romance novella is live on Smashwords!  

Emma crossed paths with a black witch in an ill-fated love triangle that ended in Emma fleeing and the death of the man they both loved. Two years later, the witch is seeking revenge and strikes against Emma’s family. Emma turns to the only person who can help her: a man rumored to be half-demon with the power to control the shadows. Tristan agrees to help her lift the curse on her family but isn’t prepared for what he finds hidden in Emma’s secrets.

And now I thought I’d do something a wee bit special for ya’ll.

I think most writers like to imagine who they’d cast in the film version of their books.  (You know, just in case.)  Just me?  Well, all right then.

In my case, the cast of the Sunwalker Saga was actually pretty much predetermined as each character was, as least in looks, inspired by an actor.  So, I present to you the cast of Kissed by Darkness and Kissed by Fire!

Morgan Bailey:

Morgan is our main character.  She’s a Hunter and as such spends most of her time kicking bad-guy ass.  She’s about the only character for whom I didn’t have an actress in mind.  

Until now.

Me the divinely delicious Christina Hendricks.  The minute I saw her in THAT dress, I knew.

With Morgan’s dangerous curves and pixie face (not to mention the RED hair – though we’re going to have to darken it), she’s the PERFECT choice.  There’s even a pic of her in a green dress not unlike the one Morgan wore to her disastrous blind date.  Minus the train, of course.  Can’t kick vampire butt with a train trailing along behind you.

And while Christina is generally scene in fabulous vintage-inspired dresses (so not Morgan’s style), she can also rock a wicked steampunky Gothic look, which is definitely Morgan’s style.

I can see her beheading a demon in this outfit.  Can’t you?

Yep, I think I’ve found the perfect Morgan Bailey.

What do you think?  Does she fit your vision of Morgan?

Kabita Jones

Yes, Virginia.  There really is a Kabita.  Her surname isn’t Jones, but she is a real person and she definitely inspired the personality of Kabita Jones.  But there’s someone else who inspired the physicality and that would be the fabulous Claudia Black.

Sci-Fi fans will recognize Claudia from Farscape, Pitch Black, and Stargate: SG1.  She’s brilliantly talented and has proven she can play both tough and vulnerable with a huge side of sexy.

She’s what I see in my head when I think “Kabita Jones”.  What do you think?

Jackson “Jack” Keel:

There is only ever going to be one man for me who embodies everything that is our resident Sunwalker, Jackson Keel.  And that man would be the seriously tasty Mr. Gerard Butler!

In fact, it was this picture of him that sparked the idea of Jack having been a Templar Knight.  Seriously, could there be anything more yummy?

I love the sort of juxtaposition of the “ancient” garb and his usual modern look.  And, oh, baby those eyes!

I really focus a lot on those eyes, especially in KbD.  Who wouldn’t?

Oh, and also he looks ridiculously good in a kilt.  Granted this has NOTHING to do with the series.  I just wanted to post a picture of him in a kilt.  BWAHAHAHA!  Frankly, I think more men should wear kilts.  They are seriously sexy!

What’s your take?  Gerard Butler as the Sunwalker?  Gerard Butler in a kilt?

Inigo Jones:

Inigo Jones is, in a way, the exact opposite of Jack.  Where Jack is a warrior, hardened and rugged and oozing with sex appeal, Inigo is young and pretty and sexy in a totally different way.

He’s sunny and happy-go-lucky.  Or is he?

Readers of Kissed by Fire will know there’s a darker side to Inigo Jones and that things are not always as they appear.

This is why I love Kyle Schmid for Inigo.  He was that wonderfully sunshiny smile, yet (as he proved in Blood Ties) he can definitely channel the Dark Side.

So, is Kyle Schmid the perfect Inigo?  Or is he just too damn pretty?

 “We’re not gonna die. We can’t die, Bendis. You know why? Because we are so…very…pretty. We are just too pretty for God to let us die.” – Mal on Firefly

Trevor Daly:

Trevor is the newcomer to the group.  He doesn’t put in his appearance until the very end of Kissed by Darkness.  Thing is, he’ll become integral to Morgan’s life as the series progresses.

The seriously tasty Shemar Moore was my inspiration for this gun-toting government agent.  So far I haven’t really gotten into Trevor’s sex appeal (and Shemar is all about sex appeal), but trust me, it will come up later in the series.

And if you’ve any doubt as to why I was inspired by Mr. Moore, well, here’s your answer.

Any questions?

So, there you go.  My Fantastical Friday line-up.

Next week I’m going to have lots of Halloween/Samhain themed posts.  There will be lots of sexy special guests and maybe even cake!  So stop by and say hey and join in the fun.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, how about some of this!


Dragon Warrior

Dragon Wars Book One

A man without a past.
A woman without a future.
A world destroyed by monsters.
All that’s left is hope.

In Rain Mauri’s post-apocalyptic world there are no shades of gray to survival. Until she meets a Dragon Warrior and discovers nothing is as simple as it seems.
Together, Rain and the Dragon Warrior must uncover the truth behind the nightmare their world has become. Their quest will put them in the crosshairs of a ruthless enemy, but with her determination and his skill, they might just save their race from destruction. If they can save each other first.

(Contains a sneak peek at Jack Wallen’s zombie apocalypse tale, I Zombie I.)


Have a fabulous, fun-filled weekend.