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#PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ParanormalRomance Author Brandy L. Rivers

assion in Portland is looming ever closer. And guess who is going to be there? The super awesome paranormal romance author, Brandy L. Rivers. She’s got a new book coming out August 31st, but more about that later. For now, let’s get inside her brain (figuratively, of course!):
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#PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ParanormalRomance Author Sarah Cradit

Continuing on with the Passion in Portland attending author theme, I’d like to introduce you all to the amazing Sarah Cradit. Not only is Sarah a USA Bestseller and a fellow Oregonian, she’s also a total history geek, like me! I love that and I can’t wait to meet her!

What sparked the idea for your latest novel? Was there a specific “Ah—ha!” moment?

I write for a single series/saga, so the storylines often progress in very natural (though often unexpected ways). For the last release I have coming out in October, Myths of Midwinter (Volume 6), I deviate a bit from the main storyline in order to bring in some new characters and concepts. It was a fun creative shift.

 Tell us about your hero and heroine? What makes them and their story unique?
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#PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ParanormalRomance Author Stace Lee

Staceys IPhone 704Our next Passion in Portland author, Stace Lee, is no stranger to this blog. She’s had a guest spot before for her awesome paranormal romance. And she hangs out with me every month at the Portland Peeps (where a bunch of us crazy authors and bloggers get together to get plastered  have dinner and chat).

What sparked the idea for your latest novel? Was there a specific “Ah—ha!” moment?

Well, I’ve always wanted to write and I’ve been told by a few different people such as Psychic’s and Empath’s, that I carry emotions that aren’t my own. This really sparked the idea of writing “Broken”.  A story about a girl who takes on emotions that don’t belong to her and she doesn’t understand what is wrong with her. We see her struggles and how she overcomes them.
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What To Read Next: Sunwalker Saga and Beyond #paranormalromance #urbanfantasy

Kissed by Darkness_400x600

Readers frequently ask me “What should I read next?” This is usually right after they’ve finished the six books of the Sunwalker Saga. They’re mourning the end of Morgan’s story and desperately wanting more. I get it. I wrote the series and although the particular story arch that made up the main series of Sunwalker Saga was finished, I just couldn’t give up the world and its characters. They were too much fun. There were so many more stories still locked inside my head, yearning to get out. So, yes, I wrote more.

Sunwalker Saga: Soulshifter Trilogy

One of my very favorite characters ever is Zipporah (aka Zip), the djinn girl from Kissed by Smoke (Sunwalker Saga – Book 3). I won’t spoil things for new readers by telling you what happens to her in Book 3, but let’s just say that was not the end of her story. So, I wrote this trilogy of novellas that take place after the events of Kissed by Smoke, and before the fifth book, Kissed by Ice. Basically, while Morgan is chasing vampires around Paris in Kissed by Moonlight, Zip and Mick (Mikey from Book 3) are chasing demons around Portland. As you do.

Shoulshifter by Shéa MacLeod
Shoulshifter by Shéa MacLeod

The books in reading order:




You can find them all on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Sunwalker Saga: Witchblood

After the events of Kissed by Eternity (Sunwalker Saga – Book 6), I realized there was a LOT more story to tell. Particularly about the witches that helped Morgan and the gang stop the evil conspiracy perpetrated by…oh, that would be another story. ;-) You gotta read the series! Let’s just say there were vampires, magic, and other shenanigans involved!Spellwalker03_200x300

Anyway, I knew the Emory Chastain, leader of the coven of witches, needed her own story. So I wrote the first book of the new series, Spellwalker. Technically, you could also view it (chronologically speaking) as Book 7 of the series as it takes up pretty much (more or less) where KbE left off. More Haakon! More witches! More magic and mayhem!

Readers loved Spellwalker so much, I wrote a second Witchblood book: Deathwalker. And now I’m working on the third, Mistwalker (out later this year). There will definitely be at least 1 more book in the series. Likely 2.

You can find the Sunwalker Saga: Witchblood novels on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Also available in paperback.

But Morgan isn’t finished yet… And neither is Kabita!

Kissed by Eternity_300dpiI’ve got lots of plans for the future. Morgan will get at least one more book. It will have a NEW story arc, but you’ll get to find out what happens to her AFTER KbE. (There may even be a wedding. HINT! HINT!) I don’t have a date on this yet, but it WILL happen. Probably early 2016.

Kabita Jones is going to get her own story. It may or may not turn into a series. And it may or may not involved the delicious Trevor Daly. Stay tuned…

Finally there will be some further adventures in this fantastic world of Sunwalkers, sidhe, vampires, demons, djinn, Titans, Ancient Atlantis, Templar Knights, Amazons, and things that randomly go bump in the night. I’m definitely toying with ideas set in the Regency (history geek!) and the far future (scifi geek!). And, of course, Jack is still on my mind… ;-)

I hope you’ve found this information helpful and I hope you enjoy the various adventures in my little world. If you have more questions about the Sunwalker Saga, Morgan Bailey, Inigo Jones, Jack Keel, vampires, djinn, or anything else, really, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Happy reading!

The Research Continues: #Burlesque, #Bookbinding, and #Badassery

With my epic European research trip well over, it was time to turn my attention to other research that needed doing. In my quest for a new, interesting vocation for one of my characters, I found myself at the Oregon Burlesque Festival of an evening.

While there I met up with the super awesome Lacy Knickers who gave me a run-down of all things burlesque. She packed a whole lot of info into the fifteen minutes before the show started. Secrets I may reveal in a novel one day… ;-)

The entire review. I've added pixelation for the faint of heart.
The entire review. I’ve added pixelation for the faint of heart.
Lacy Knickers and yours truly.
Lacy Knickers and yours truly.







What I came away with was one word: Confidence. These women (and men) came in all shapes, sizes, and ages. There was cellulite, stretch marks, and wobble. And yet every single one of them BROUGHT IT! They were fierce, filled with self-confidence, and absolutely badass! I loved it!

In fact, watching them gave me just the inspiration I needed for a new character. Like them, she’s sexy, fierce, and badass. Definitely of the paranormal variety. I can’t wait to introduce her to you, bit for now she’s a secret. Shhhh….

I also attended my first SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) event. It was a bit of a bust, being poorly attended and with not nearly enough sword fighting to please me, but I did learn a thing or two!

For one, I took a bookbinding class. Granted books came into play a few hundred years AFTER my Roman persona was around, but what the heck, right? I found it fascinating, a little frustrating, and likely something I will include in a future novel. Likely something Regency. Because it’s kind of awesome. I may even go crazy and try my hand at making my own notebooks for plotting. But don’t hold your breath.

Yes, a Roman is binding a book. It could happen.









I also had the unique opportunity to hold a falcon! Oh, she was tiny and sweet.  I couldn’t believe I actually got to get that close to such an amazing creature! It may be that she appears in a novel, as well! Who knows? But I did learn some interesting tidbits about falconry that are now rumbling about in my brain.

SCA_Me and the falcon best









And that’s the beauty of life, isn’t it? Anything and everything can inspire you to indulge in creativity. And creativity, as they say, feeds the soul.

My First TV Interview! #Fox12Oregon #MoreGoodDayOregon #RomanceNovels

Wow! Such exciting news! I was asked by the awesome AJ Harmon (contemporary romance author and USA Today Bestseller!) to be part of an interview with Fox 12 Oregon for their new show More Good Day Oregon.

For a cool press release on the interview, click HERE.

It was a lot of fun! We got to chat about romance novels, Fifty Shades of Grey, paranormal romance, and how our lives had changed since we became full-time writers.  Our host, Stephanie Krelavich, really helped make it a fun afternoon. And, of course, it’s never boring when a bunch of romance authors get together to talk about all things romance!

I can’t wait to see the interview. You can catch our segment on the show More Good Day Oregon on Fox 12 Oregon at 9am on Monday, August 3, 2015. In the meantime, you can meet all the authors in this little video I made:

Here are a few pics AJ’s hubby Brad snapped of the afternoon:

Laughing peeps
All the author peeps! From L to R: Melody Anne, AJ Harmon, Heather Carver, Shéa MacLeod, Anie Michaels, SM Stryker, Cassia Leo
Me and Cassia Leo
Filming Cassia.
Me and Melody Anne
Melody and I having a laugh.
Me with Stephanie Krelavich!
Here I am with our awesome host from More Good Day Oregon: Stephanie

Epic #ParanormalRomance Research Trip: Paris (Pt 2) – Okay, Technically Versailles

The MASSIVE palace. No wonder the peasants got a bit peeved!

Although I’ve been to Paris a few times, this was my first trip to Versailles. And let me say, WOW! I don’t know which was more astonishing: the palace or the hordes of tourists.



Every room in the palace is pretty epic, but the throne room is particularly breathtaking. I swear it reminded me of the Sidhe King’s palace in the Sunwalker Saga! (Why does my brain always go to paranormal romance? Gee, can’t imagine!)

The Sidhe King’s palace. Er, I mean the throne room at Versailles.









The hallways have the most amazing vaulted ceilings of creamy stone. Again, reminiscent of the palace in the Other World. But I can also imagine it after dark with only flame to dimly light it. What lurks in the shadows at the Hunter passes by…?

Can you imagine Morgan getting attacked by the big man-boar thing? That axe could really take a chip out of the floor. (See, there I go again with the PNR!)

Even ordinary hallways are anything but…ordinary.









Even the furnishings glittered with magic. I think I must have a soft spot in my heart for the impossibly gaudy.


I want this writing desk! They won’t notice if I ‘borrow’ it, right?

And I totally need this chandelier in my bedroom. I’m sure it’ll fit.









The famous Hall of Mirrors was every bit as magical as they tell you it is. Except there are tourists. Lots and lots of tourists.

I swear you could hardly move for the crush. This must have been what it was like during a party! Only with better clothes.



Selfie time! This is my friend Lyn. You might recognize her from the video I did in Paris.














And there were an inordinate number of men in cravats. If you follow me on Facebook, you know how I feel about a man in a cravat! Alas they were not real men, so we had to leave them there.

And that, my friends, was the end of our adventure in Versailles!

More to come!


Shéa & Sheena’s Excellent #Atlantis Adventure (#paranormalromance #urbanfantasy)

Those of you who have read Spellwalker might remember that Noah and Emory had their first date at a place called Cartlandia. Imagine a certain reader’s surprise when she found out Cartlandia is a real place! Check out this video where my sister Sheena and I show you around and talk deep fried ribs, sweet potato pie, and Atlantean food.

Mega #Research Trip: Day 4 – Rambles in #HydePark, #Mayfair, and #NottingHill

I totally lucked out on this Mega Research Trip of 2015. My friend and fellow author, Emma Jameson, was also in London doing some research of her own (She’s got two AMAZING cozy mystery series. I can’t recommend them enough). We were able to hang out and combine our research adventures.

First stop: Hyde Park. One of my favorite places in London. You will no doubt recognize the name from a couple of my books. Morgan gets into it with a vampire in Hyde Park in the second Sunwalker Saga novel, Kissed by FireThe park also makes an appearance in my contemporary romance series, Notting Hill Diaries.

Hyde Park in the morning.
The fabulous Emma Jameson lounging in Hyde Park.






Our next stop was Mayfair. One of Emma’s series is set largely in Mayfair, so this was a natural for our agenda.

See that ridiculously shiny car below? That was just meandering through the streets so of course I had to snap a pic. Good thing I did. It inspired a scene in the upcoming Sunwalker Saga: Witchblood novel, Deathwalker.

I also found some great pics of the inspiration for the mysterious basement apartment in Kissing Frogs(If you’ve read it, you know what I mean!)

This uber cool car makes an appearance in the upcoming Witchblood novel, Deathwalker.
The mysterious basement flat from Kissing Frogs. I used to walk by such flats every day on my way to work in Mayfair.
The mysterious basement flat.
Grosvenor Square near the American Embassy.










A church in Mayfair.
The Mayfair – a pub near my old office. We just had to pop in for a pint!







Finally, we had to skip over to Notting Hill for some research. With Kissing Mr. Darcy coming up this fall, I knew I needed more fodder. I certainly got it! From the quirky shops to the pastel houses, everything was so inspirational. I can’t wait to add all kinds of fun things to the book. Including some flirtations with handsome gentlemen. ;-)

A typical row of houses in Notting Hill. Much as I imagine Kate’s flat to be in Kissing Frogs.
Chloe, however, is a more colorful sort. She lives in one of these. Painted purple, naturally.
Of course we HAD to take a picture in front of this sign!
One of the many cute little shops.
We had to stop here for refreshment.
More Notting Hill Goodness.
A Notting Hill pub that will most definitely appear in the books.


















It was certainly a busy day! Next up: More adventures in London. AND stay tuned for Prague!