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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00027]Kissing Mr. Darcy

Like half the women in the known universe, Emma Roberts is in love with Mr. Darcy. When the opportunity to live in London presents itself, she jumps at the chance determined to find her own Mr. Darcy. Alas, the road to true love isn’t quite as smooth as one might hope.

Nik Archer is no Mr. Darcy. Sure, he’s sexy as all get out, but he doesn’t quite fit the bill. Still, Emma can’t help but be drawn to him even though she knows it will never work.

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Paperback coming soon.

Let’s Hear It For the Small Town Romance!

Ladies (and gents), please join me in welcoming the talented Kim Law to ye olde blog today! Kim is another Montlaker. She’s also a two-time Golden Heart® finalist, a former baton twirler, and a wearer of purple cowboy hats. Today she’ll be giving away an ARC of her upcoming release SUGAR SPRINGS. Welcome Kim!


Ah, the romance of romance. :) I can’t remember a time I didn’t love it. Even as a kid, I was all about Barbie and Ken going out on dates. But then…maybe that was the norm ;) But I also loved the romance in some my favorite shows: Happy Days—who didn’t love Joanie and Chachi?, The Love Boat, Mork & Mindy—I was so glad when they figured out they liked each other!

But I didn’t just love the romance itself, I also loved the drama that built to the romance. Knots Landing was my all-time favorite show as a kid/teenager. I. LOVED. THAT. SHOW! I used to dream of writing for it! I loved all the crap that was always thrown in the way that everyone had to overcome just to get to their HEA…well, their HFN. It was Knot’s Landing, after all. Not sure there was ever a HEA. But I adored the drama and angst that was a given with the show.

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Kissing Under the Mistletoe

I’m thrilled to welcome my fellow romance addict and Montlake author, Marina Adair! She’ll also be giving away a signed ARC of her latest book. But first, let’s find out why Marina LOVES romance…

Marina Adair

I am a self-admitted, life-long romance-a-holic—an addiction that started well before I could even read. Growing up with a movie-buff for a mother and a live-in grandmother who had a thing for game shows and musicals meant that instead watching the Smurfs or The Facts of Life I was spoon-fed The Newlywed Game and movie classics. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers led me to Sabrina which led me to romantic comedies like French Kiss, You’ve got Mail, and Never Been Kissed. What gets me every time is the quirky heroine who is working toward accomplishing her dream when she suddenly finds herself in an awkward and embarrassing situation at the precise moment she meets her true love–only to be forced to choose between her perceived road to happiness and happily ever after. Contemporary romance and romantic comedies have a lot in common, which is why I think that, although I love all kinds of romance novels, I am drawn to reading and writing small town contemporaries.

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Welcome to Faerie, Mr Darcy.

Ladies and Gents, my apologies for the late post, but things have been a bit nuts this morning. I have for you another fabulous Montlake author sharing her thoughts on romance and the paranormal. Please welcome Delle Jacobs!

Thanks for having me here, Shéa! It’s great to see you on the Montlake author list!

Delle Jacobs

I wasn’t always a lover of romance. For a long time, I just assumed romances were poorly written, cheesy love stories, but I was really tired of dark, ugly, gritty stories that seemed to be so popular for a long time. So I’m grateful for Laura Kinsale for the first romance I ever read, Flowers From the Storm. I found what I was missing in the rest of commercial fiction. I like believing in people, and in finding happiness in love. And no matter what critics say about 50% of marriages failing, there are still the other 50% that don’t. Romance is about finding a true committed relationship. And that’s something I believe in.

S – Amen, to that, Delle!

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The Lure Of Romance

Latte Art by Mortefot

Today another of my new friends from Montlake Romance, Susannah Sandlin, dropped by for a chat and a cuppa. So pour yourself something tasty, pull up a chair, and join in on the conversation as I ask this author of dark paranormal romance (just my kind!) a few questions. Like why she loves paranormal romance…

I always like to joke that I love to read romance novels—as long as either the hero or heroine (or both) aren’t human. Yeah, I’m one of those paranormal romance people. What’s the lure of paranormal romance?

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Pride and Prejuice and Colin Firth

Today I’m over on Norah Wilson’s blog giving a tour of my work space and talking books, dragons, and Jeremy Renner. In the meantime, I’ve got a special treat for you, my lovely readers!

For today’s Writer Wednesday I asked fellow Montlake author Debra Holland to stop by and tell us why she loves romance. Plus answer a few nosy questions! Here’s Debra:

I started reading romance when I was thirteen. A classmate’s mother read Mills and Boon books, gave them to her daughter who read them, then gave them to me. In those days the romances were sweet, not sexy, totally appropriate for a thirteen-year-old. I’ve been reading romance ever since.

It’s probably no co-incidence that at the same age, I started reading my grandmother’s Ladies Home Journal magazines, and loved the “Can This Marriage be Saved?” column, especially how the therapist helped the couple change. I knew I wanted to grow up and be a marriage counselor, and I never wavered from that goal. What I didn’t know was that I would also grow up to be a romance writer, although that desire came much later in life, long after years of graduate school, a Ph.D, and a thriving psychotherapy practice.

I love to read romance novels, not just because of the romantic elements in the story, but because the hero and heroine change. Their relationship with each other– falling in love–causes them to grow past their limitations and become better people.

What’s your favorite romantic movie?

Pride and Prejudice—the Colin Firth version

Ohhhh, I do love the tasty Mr. Firth! Who is the most romantic couple in history (real or fictional)?

I’ll pick fictional. J.D Robb’s Eve Dallas and her husband, Rourke. Maybe they are the most romantic couple because we get to see their relationship develop over numerous books. They are completely devoted to each other, but don’t have a traditional relationship, and Eve is definitely not a traditional heroine. That’s what makes their love so strong and special. Not to mention that Rourke is the perfect hero!

 I can’t argue there! I’ve got a serious soft spot for Rourke. And what’s your idea of a romantic getaway?

Well the romantic getaway has to first include a romantic man. Either one I go with or one I meet at the destination. Definitely a beautiful beach, privacy, a hotel or house with ocean views, a balcony or patio, comfortable furniture to nap and read on, and someone else to do the cleaning and cooking!

HAHA! Love it! Definitely the best part of any getaway, romantic or otherwise.

Thanks for stopping by Debra!

When her brother announces his marriage, Elizabeth Hamilton suddenly becomes unwanted and unwelcome in the only home she’s ever known. To escape the new mistress of the house, Elizabeth accepts the invitation of her best friend to journey to Montana.

The dirt streets and wooden storefronts of Sweetwater Springs and the hardships of ranch living are worlds away from the refinements of Gilded Age Boston, yet Elizabeth is filled with new hope—and buoyed by a wealthy banker’s attentions. Yet it’s cowboy Nick Sanders who slowly awakens her heart and helps her recognize her strengths. And when a deadly influenza epidemic strikes, Elizabeth will fight for those she loves—and the life she’s ready to claim.

A USA Today bestseller and winner of Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award, Wild Montana Sky is historical romance at its best—a warm, uplifting story of new love and second chances.

Debra Holland’s novel, Wild Montana Sky, is available NOW on Amazon!

Sunwalker Saga Rides Again Plus York S’Mores

I’m super excited to announce that the new Montlake Romance versions of Kissed by Darkness and Kissed by Fire will released on October 2nd of this year. Kissed by Smoke will be out sometime in December.

Can I get a SQUEE?

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Writer Wednesday: Return of the Grammar Nazi

I’m on my last round of edits for the Montlake version of Kissed by Darkness and I’m pretty sure my eyeballs are bleeding. It’s been a challenge for sure, but I’ve learned a heck of a lot and my book is going to be even better for it. Morgan Bailey is tougher, sexier, and even funnier. HUZZAH!

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