About Shéa

Shéa (Shay-uh) MacLeod has dreamed of writing novels since before she could hold a crayon.  She totally blames her mother.

Her love affair with books, words and stories began at a very young age when her mom would load her and her brothers into the red Radio Flyer wagon and haul them down to the local library.  For Shéa, the library was a magical place, each book opening up a new world.  Her favorite poem as a child was ‘Jabberwocky’, and Her favorite authors were Agatha Christie and Edgar Allan Poe.  Which probably explains a lot.

After six years living in London, England, a dearth of good donuts has driven her back to her hometown of Portland, Oregon.

The first three books in her SUNWALKER SAGA (Kissed by DarknessKissed by Fire, and Kissed by Smoke), a fast paced urban fantasy series with a kick-ass heroine, are available from Montlake Romance. The fourth installment, Kissed by Moonlight, is available now along with the first installment of the new spin-off series, Fearless (Soulshifter Book 1).

The first three books in DRAGON WARS (Dragon WarriorDragon Lord, and Dragon Goddess), a post-apocalyptic romance series, are available through Amazon.

Now she’s hard at work on several other projects including a new scifi series.

She can be contacted through email: sheamacleodauthor at googlemail dot com

23 thoughts on “About Shéa”

  1. I was just wanted to know how many books there will be in the sunwalker sage 3? And if only 3, will you do a spin off from the series?

  2. Hiya Shea!
    I’m in my third night/day of little sleep BUT I’m also part way through Kissed By Smoke, having read the previus two books the previous two nights/days. I really dig Morgan and her pals and (*sigh*) find the descriptions of the guys to be delectable, to say the least! I was quite happy to read that you have three more installments coming in the Sunwalker series as it is a wonderful read. I *do* wish Morgan wasn’t getting knocked off her feet so often in the fights with vampires but do so like her state-changing effect on vampires – turning them into ash, that is… Keep writing so that I can keep reading! Thanx for the novels!

  3. Hello Shea: I met you this morning at the Post Office.. I ordered Kissed by Darkness.. I am so excited about it.. I will let you know how I liked. Take care. Pancho

  4. Wow..Shea.. I am looking forward to read it.. It will be my pleasure.. You take care and good luck and success in everything you do. Pancho

  5. Shea, Thank you so much for following me at BigBodyBeautiful! I’m totally loving your blog and your writing. Plus, you have some wicked-beautiful red hair, my gorgeous new friend. :) I can’t wait to devour your books. Hey, I grew up in Portland, OR (aka the best place ever!). Okay, it’s official: You are my new idol. Keep rockin’ it, my sister-writer. Hugs, BigLizzy

      1. Thank you so much, you total rock-star-writer, you! What a compliment coming from such an awesome chick. I dig Portland so much. When I need a fix of moisture and coolness, it’s where I head every time. I hope to ride my Harley out there next summer. I want to ride my purple HOG in the Pearl district. LOL! See you, sis. :)

  6. Haii,
    Ich wollte Fragen wann es die sunwalker saga auf deutsch gibt, da ich mich in den ersten teil verliebt habe und nicht mehr warten kann

    1. Sorry, my German is terrible, so will answer in English. The publisher has chosen at this time NOT to translate the rest of Sunwalker into German. Let them know you want it! The more people who ask, the more likely they will be to translate them.

      1. Hallo,
        Danke für die schnelle Antwort,
        Ich werde mich auf jeden Fall bei dem Verlag mal melden. Hoffe ich bleibe da nicht die einzigste die denen ein bisschen Feuer unterm hintern macht.
        Sie sind echt eine tolle Autorin hoffe sie schreiben nich viele solche Bücher und die Richtung. Ich habe mich gefühlt als wenn ich dem Buch selbst mitmachen würde also wirklich toll geschrieben. Und es tut mir leid das ich auf deutsch schreibe aber mir liegt die englische Sprache nicht.
        Freue mich auf eine Antwort

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