Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Below is the current publishing schedule for 2016. Dates/Titles subject to change, but this is what is planned. Is there a series you love and would like to see more of? Drop me a note!

The Corpse in the Cabana (A Viola Roberts Cozy Mystery – Book 1) –  Feb. 2016Corpse in the Cabana_200x300

Kissed by Blood (Sunwalker Saga – Prequel) – Discover Morgan’s origin story. Coming Feb. 2016

Kissed by Blood_mockup01

Mistwalker (Sunwalker Saga: Witchblood – Book 3) – April 2016Mistwalkerx2_200x300

The Stiff in the Study (A Viola Roberts Cozy Mystery – Book 2) –  May 2016

Kissed by Destiny (Sunwalker Saga – Book 7) – A brand new Morgan Bailey adventure. Find out what happened AFTER Kissed by Eternity.  Coming July 2016.

Dreamwalker (Sunwalker Saga: Witchblood – Book 4) – Autumn 2016

“Title TBD” (A Viola Roberts Cozy Mystery – Book 3) –  Autumn 2016  

Undecided Project – December 2016

“Title TBD” (A Viola Roberts Cozy Mystery – Book 4) –  Jan. 2017 

75 thoughts on “Coming Soon”

  1. I just bought a Kindle a found your series on Amazon. I love the Sunwalker books and looking forward to reading the Dragon series. Thanks for a good read.

  2. I absolutely love the Sunwalker series Morgan reminds me so much of Jaz Parks by Jennifer Rearden because she just deals with whatever life throw at her and keeps going. Anxiously awaiting kissed by smoke. You really have a create ability to create believable characters and story lines that allow your characters to be themselves.

  3. I really enjoyed the first two books in the series. I found them very quite fresh and imaginative. Will the third be available for pre-order soon? Of course I’m going to have to check out your other book now as well. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    I left reviews on my blog and amazon for both books. I’m glad I finally got to reading the sample I had in my Kindle.

    1. Hi Steph. So glad you enjoyed them! And thanks so much for the reviews.

      The third book, Kissed by Smoke, won’t be available for pre-order, but it will be out for purchase on the 20th of December on Smashwords and Amazon (Barnes and Noble shortly after that). I will definitely post and tweet when it’s live!

  4. Terrific. Thanks for the quick response. I look forward to reading the third one soon.

    BTW, I’m currently reading Dragon Warrior. Another entertaining read, but I have to say, it’s very different than what I expected from the cover.

      1. I really enjoyed Kissed by Smoke. I know this is premature, but any idea what the title of book 4 will be for the Sunwalker Saga? Also, can you guesstimate when it will be released?

  5. Hi Kathy! Well, right now I’m working on the next book in the Dragon Wars series and after that, I’m planning to publish the first novel in my new scifi series. The next Sunwalker Saga is planned for a June 2012 release (this could change), and will be called Kissed by Moonlight.

  6. I love your sunwalker series. Just finished Kissed by Smoke when might the next one come out? I love Inigo but am hoping we get to see a little bit more of Jack in the next one too. Just downloadd Dragon Warrior to my kindle also, can’t wait o ge started.

    1. Hi Dawn! So glad you are enjoying the books.

      The fourth Sunwalker Saga novel, Kissed by Moonlight, is scheduled for June of 2012. In the meantime, I will be putting out a Sunwalker Saga short story in February as part of a Celtic themed anthology for St. Patrick’s Day. :-) Keep you posted!

  7. Hi. I just finished all 3 Sunwalker books. They are amazing! I cannot wait until the next book is released. I also just purchased the Dragon Warrior book but haven’t started it. I really enjoy your writing style and look forward to future books.
    Thanks for all you do to entertain me.

  8. Hi I love the dragon wars books I read both of them in a day/ night could not put them down.
    I was wondering when the third book will be out, I hope you’re a fast writer I don’t think I can wait, Thanks so much for the great read.


    1. Hi Donnelle! I’m so glad you enjoyed them. I don’t have an exact date for the next Dragon Wars book, but I definitely plan to have at least one more out before the end of the year. I’ll keep you posted!

  9. Just stumbled across your books on amazon. Could not put them down. Read all of them over the weekend. Cannot wait for the next dragon wars and sunwalker.hurry hurry hurry

  10. Found your book series after reading the Urban Shaman Series! You’re book speak to me in a whole other way! Love both the Sunwalker saga and Dragon Wars!! Keep up the excellent writing

  11. Just finished the three Sunwalker books thanks to Amazon and am dying to know what happens. Any idea when in 2013 book 4 will be released?

  12. Hello, I am new to your Sunwalker series and was fortunate enough to find the books on Amazon and download all three of them to my iPad Mini. Your character development has charmed me to the point that I fell a certain amount anxiety as to how things were left in your last book in the series. The hints you gave that something was up with Inigo was so well done and yet you didn’t give it away. I’m very much looking forward to the next book. In the meantime, I think I’ll re-read the series :)

  13. Just found you on Amazon….love, love, love your books! :) Looking forward to the next books in your Sunwalker Saga and Dragon Wars series

  14. Just finished reading kissed by smoke . . loved the series. When is kissed by moonlight going to be released and how many books to you have planned for the series. Will it be six, one for each power Morgan will get?

  15. Any idea when Kissed by Moonlight will be released? I read the first three in 2days and want MOREEEEEE! Fabulous series!!

  16. I devoured the first three Sunwalker books within a week, I LOVE them. When I found out the others aren’t out yet, I tried another book I had gotten on my Kindle, didn’t like it at all. I’ve now finished the first two of the Dragon Wars novels and am on to Dragon Goddess :) You’re awesome, keep going!

      1. Just finished Kissed by Moonlight! Please tell me I won’t have to wait too long for the next book in the series. How many books are in the series?

        1. Kissed by Ice is slated for publishing in July of 2014. Six books total in the series, so two more to go! Plus there’s a spin-off series called Soulshifter. First book, FEARLESS, is out now with the second book out at the end of this month. :-)

  17. Please, Please, Please tell me the next book (Kissed by Ice) will be on Audible, too…I love your books and listening is my platform. I buy the Kindle version AND the Audible version when available….I can’t wait for more Morgan Bailey!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Pam. I’m so glad you enjoy the books. I’m hoping that Audible versions of Kissed by Moonlight and Kissed by Ice will be possibilities in the future. I will keep everyone posted.

  18. I’ve already bought all of your “Kissed by” and Soulshifter books..I’m looking forward to Kissed by Ice ..I’ll be buying it later this month as soon as it’s published!!

  19. I was looking on Amazon to pre-order your next book – Kissed by Ice but I can’t find it. Is it still coming out in a few days on 7/21/2014 ????

  20. I have read all of the Sunwalker Series and Dragon War Series and the Soulshifter as well… Can’t wait for more Just finished Kissed by Ice yesterday. Keep up the amazing work!

  21. I loved the Sunwalker Saga. So sad it has come to an end. Starting soulshifter trilogy. Happy to say I am addicted to your books!!

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