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Listening To Cozies

Thoughts on audio books and cozy mysteries.

Cozy Capers

Once upon a time, I commuted a total of 2 hours each day, Monday through Friday, in some of the most pitiless, soul-sucking, mind-numbing traffic known to humankind. Every day brought smashups, unexplained lane closures, and what I call DDDdangerously delusional drivingHow did I survive without becoming a casualty or getting sent to prison? Unabridged cozy mysteries–first on tapes, then on CDs, then as digital downloads.

Heard About This Book

I had so many favorites. The one I’d like to share with you today is a series called The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. These are the adventures of Precious Ramatoswe, a “traditionally built” single lady who decides to open her own detective agency in Botswana. Kindhearted, wise, and shrewdly observant, Mma Ramatoswe quickly proves herself a quite capable sleuth. With the help of her assistant, Mma Grace Makutsi, and the nearby mechanic, Mr…

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Cozy Mysteries Onscreen: Foyle’s War

Great run-down of Foyle’s War, the wonderful British on-screen cozy mystery.

Cozy Capers

Foyle 1

I love a good British mystery. I grew up with them on PBS (in the dark times, before cable and streaming services like Roku and Amazon Prime) and these days, they’re easier to find than ever. One I’d like to recommend is Foyle’s War.

This series, which ran from 2002-2015 (twenty-eight episodes) is set in wartime Britain, beginning around early 1940 and continuing into the 1950s and the Cold War. Created by Anthony Horowitz, it follows DCS Christopher Foyle, charged with keeping the peace at home during a time of fear, privation, and new roles for women. In the first episode. Foyle, who doesn’t drive, is assigned a female driver named Sam. Sam, a pretty blonde, is serving her country in the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS), a branch of national service which trained females as mechanics and drivers. Think that sounds far-fetched for 1940? Not at all…

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Why I Don’t Do Pre-Orders on Amazon

I have been asked many times by loyal readers why I don’t do Amazon pre-orders. Honestly, I’d love to, but I can’t. Or rather, I won’t. Here is why: The system is fatally flawed and Amazon has yet to fix it in the many months the option has been available. It has caused many authors loss of readers, time, money, and their good name.

If you want more details on what’s been going on, read this excellent article by Passive Guy.

The long and short of it is, I will NEVER do pre-orders on Amazon until I know for sure these continuing issues have been fixed. Basically, don’t hold your breath.


Shéa & Sheena’s Excellent #Atlantis Adventure (#paranormalromance #urbanfantasy)

Those of you who have read Spellwalker might remember that Noah and Emory had their first date at a place called Cartlandia. Imagine a certain reader’s surprise when she found out Cartlandia is a real place! Check out this video where my sister Sheena and I show you around and talk deep fried ribs, sweet potato pie, and Atlantean food.

Let There Be #Dragons! The New #DragonWars Is Here. Plus a Dragon Wars FAQ! #romance #apocalpyse

At long last the fifth installation of Dragon Wars is finally here! I kow you’ve all been waiting patiently to see what happens to Rain and company. Not to mention the delicious Lt. Micah Caine. ;-) In Dragon Corps we finally get some of the answers you’ve all been waiting for!

Dragon Corps_200x300Stop Evil. Save the future.

Rain Mauri’s plan seemed so simple. She didn’t start the fight, but she will end it and she is willing to do whatever it takes. For her people. For the man she loves.

But nothing is simple in this war-torn world filled with monstrous dragons and violent men. If she wants to prevail, Rain will need more than strength, grit, and courage. She may need to sacrifice all she holds dear. Including the man she loves.

Available NOW on: AMAZON

(Available soon on iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and in paperback.)

Dragon Wars FAQ:

Q: Is this the last Dragon Wars book?

A: For now.

Q: Does it finish the story? No cliffhangers?

A: No cliffhangers! I promise. This book brings the overarching story of the last four books to a conclusion. HOWEVER, I have loads of ideas for other books in this world, so there will likely be a prequel story with our favorite crotchety Albie and a story following the ex-Marine, Ben, into the ruined city. I might even do a story set in the future with Jinx as hero.

Q: Oh, goodie! When?

A: I have no idea! Right now I’ve got a lot on my plate, so these will definitely be in the future. If you have a favorite character you’d like to read more about, let me know!

Spellwalker Release Party and #Giveaway! #Books #Romance #Paranormal

Come for the cupcakes, stay for the fun! Tomorrow is the official Spellwalker Release Party.

Join me over on Facebook for games, prizes, guest authors, and more! Get started early with the Grand Prize Giveaway. This is what it looks like:

Get started early with the Grand Prize Giveaway. This is what it looks like:


This is what’s in it:

Goodie Bag (including swag from myself and other others plus a Kissed by Darkness purse charm and a bobble witch pen)

Signed copy of Kissed by Darkness

Shéa MacLeod mug with sample of Starbucks coffee

PLUS (not pictured) a signed paranormal romance from author Tara West AND an ebook from urban fantasy author Lauren Stewart.

Be sure and enter NOW!

Lots of other giveaways on the day so don’t forget! 6pm – 8pm Pacific Time on Facebook.09


Available NOW!

Morgan Goes to Paris (aka Le Grande Research Trip) #paranormal #romance #urbanfantasy #vampirehunter

You might remember that a couple months ago I was neck deep in research over in Europe. One of the things I promised was a video tracing Morgan’s route chasing a vampire through the streets of Paris in Kissed by Moonlight. Well, I haven’t forgotten! Here it is in all it’s (rather dodgy) glory:


As promised, here are some photos from inside the cathedral:

On this spot, right beneath the stairs, Morgan finally got the better of the vampire and dusted him. The cathedral would have been empty, of course.
On this spot, right beneath the stairs, Morgan finally got the better of the vampire and dusted him. The cathedral would have been empty, of course.

Mega #Research Trip: Day Two – Of #Liverpool, #Pirates, and Chicken and Mushroom #Pie (#paranormal #romance)

On March 16 I said “So, long London” and jumped a train to Liverpool. This was my first trip to Liverpool so I had no idea what to expect. What I got was epic Victorian goodness (in the way of architecture), lots of ideas sparkling in my head, good food, good friends, and wonderful memories.

Walk this way…

Yours Truly in Liverpool

They have a public library of epic. I want this library. In my house. Now. This is definitely going to make an appearance in Sunwalker Saga: Witchblood. I’m not sure yet which book, but it’s going to happen.

DSCF1205 DSCF1209

It’s all just so…atmospheric! Maybe the somewhat gloomy weather contributed to that. Or maybe it was the almost gothic-ness to the architecture. Who knows? But I was seeing vampires EVERYWHERE!DSCF1201 DSCF1238 DSCF1248

Dinner was at a place named Smuggler’s Cove. Aptly named considering my current obsession with Blacksails. We pause in our regularly scheduled programming for this:

Okay, back to business. This is the bar (they know what to do with a bottle of rum):

Smuggler's Cove

The dining room is…interesting. Fancy schmancy fireplace. Helmet chandelier.Smuggler's Cove 2 Helmet ChandelierDinner was divine. I went with the chicken and mushroom pie. It offends my sensibilities to eat pie that is not dessert, but when in Liverpool, eh? Besides it was super nom.

Thanks to jet lag the day ended earlier than I might have wished, but I’d begun a new love affair with Liverpool. Do not doubt that it WILL appear in Sunwalker Saga: Witchblood.

Stay tuned for the next installment of my Liverpool adventures.

Investigating #London: Part One (aka A #research trip for the ages.) #paranormal #romance

I’ve been back from my wild jaunt to Europe for nearly a week and I’m still not over the let lag. Which means I’m a little fuzzy in the head. But I did manage to get my photos uploaded so I could share them with you.

Join me…

If you’ve ever been to London (or seen it on TV), you might recognize the iconic St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel building. Tucked right next to the St. Pancras/Kings Cross train stations, it’s an unforgettable sight. Very Victorian. Very impressive. Very perfect for a supernatural event or other. (Sunwalker Saga: Witchblood)


The Champagne Bar in the hotel is…stunning. The red uplights give it the feel of being lit by torchlight, and the hushed atmosphere makes you half-expect tuxedo-ed butlers to come gliding through at any moment. The perfect place for a bad date, perhaps? (Notting Hill Diaries)

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel Champagne Bar
St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel Champagne Bar
St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel Champagne Bar

The spa is in the basement in what was once the old kitchen. It definitely has an exotic Moroccan flair. I could see Kev hanging out here (Notting Hill Diaries), or even a brutal fight between a hunter and a vampire (Sunwalker Saga).

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel Spa

A mysterious doorway leading to…somewhere. A person could easily get lost here among the winding staircases and sweeping halls. Lots of places for evil to lurk. Plenty of gargoyles perched among the arches. And a stunning enough venue for a romantic fairy tale.DSCF1181

And that was just Day One (Okay, technically it was Day Two as I arrived Saturday and this was Sunday. But who’s counting?). Join me later this week for further Adventures in Europe.