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New Release and Giveaway!

Soulshifter_300dpiAt last! The final installment of the Soulshifter Trilogy is here!

Buy it now on Amazon!

There’s nothing like having your memory wiped by an ancient magical spell, or having two men fighting over you. Still, Zip is mostly focused on one thing: getting out of her human body and back to her djinn clan. There’s just one problem: it’s never been done before. 

With her memory of him gone, the only thing Mick wants is to remind Zip of how amazing they were together. Unfortunately he’s got competition in the suave, mysterious Ian Chambers. But Ian has his own agenda and Mick is convinced it’s a deadly one. 

I’m also doing a giveaway over on my Facebook page, so stop by and enter for your chance to win some awesome prizes!

UPDATED Note: For those of you who have Nooks or eReaders other than Kindle, Soulshifter will be available on Barnes & Noble  and iTunes within the next few weeks. It is available on Kobo now.


Dragons of Midwinter Fantasy Giveaway!

I’m involved in several big book giveaways this winter. The next big one is the Dragons of Midwinter Fantasy Giveaway.



So far there are 22 authors (and climbing) donating their fantasy books to the giveaway. Everything from epic fantasy to contemporary paranormal. And there are TWO awesome prizes.

Grand Prize is a MASSIVE collection of both paper and ebooks from all the authors. Swag, too. The second place winner will receive an ebook collection of all the authors’ books. Awesome, right?

I’m donating Fearless, plus some random swag.

To get a list of authors/books involved and to join the giveaway fun, hop over to the blog HERE.


Blurb Reveal: HAUNTED!

With HAUNTED at the editor’s, I think it’s time for a blurb reveal!

And while we're at it, how about a cover reveal. TADA!
And while we’re at it, how about a cover reveal. TADA!

HAUNTED (Soulshifter Book 2 – A Sunwalker Saga Spin-off Series)

Think your gap year between high school and college is tough? Try doing it as a ten-thousand-year-old djinni trapped in the body of an eighteen-year-old girl. Once, Zipporah was a free spirited immortal gifted with unimaginable magical powers. Now she’s locked in the body of once-mousy Abbie Roberts and forced to deal with all of Abbie’s human baggage – a summer job, an overprotective aunt, and a guy: gorgeous street-smart Mick Egan.

Okay, so Zip’s new mortal life isn’t all bad.

She still has more than a glimmer of djinn power and a knack for stumbling into supernatural trouble even on this earthly plane. Working at a mortuary seems safe enough – when you’ve run afoul of djinn kings and psycho sidhe princes, dead bodies are no big deal. But when mysterious events point to a disembodied evil within the mortuary, Zip searches for answers by delving into her own past…and Mick’s darkest secrets.


My Suitcase Isn’t Big Enough (aka Packing for HallowRead

HallowReadI’m super excited! Next week is HallowRead in Ellicott City, Maryland. It’s the first year ever of this mini-con for authors and readers of urban fantasy, steampunk, horror, dark fantasy, and all things that go bump in the night. It’s going to be amazeballs.

In addition to the special release party Thursday evening at the Wine Bin, I’m on three panels on Saturday. I admit I’m a little nervous, but I think it’ll be fun. The panels (with my comments in italics):

1. Brothers in Arms: Sexy Men In Uniform (And Sometimes Armor). You all KNOW how I love a man in uniform!

2. Out Of This World: Gods, Monsters, and Extraterrestrials. Ancient Aliens anyone?

Prize Packs3. Name That Vampire. This is going to be a fantastic game where authors read out samples from both their own vampire novels and famous vampire novels. There WILL be prizes!

And what are the prizes? Well, each author is supplying 3 to 4 prizes for the panel, so they will vary, but they will be awesome. I put together four prize packs. Don’t they look snazzy?

I couldn’t resist those bags. I mean, who could? They’re so cute and witchy. In the prize packs

INSIDE the bags it’s even better. Lots of goodies to drool over including a paperback copy of FEARLESS, a set of magnets, AND some brand new glitter notebooks with my book covers on them.

I think I might have a slight SWAG problem. But can anyone ever have too much SWAG, really? I think not.

(Speaking of SWAG, I’m hoping to pick up some from the other cool authors for our next Facebook release party. I LOVE giving away SWAG!)

There is a LOT of other cool stuff going on that weekend from ghost tours to book signings to a steampunk tea. I hope to see some of you at HallowRead!

For a schedule of events and to buy tickets to HallowRead go HERE.


What To Read Next? Hear No

Wondering what to read while waiting for the next Sunwalker or Soulshifter book? I’ve got something awesome for you.

Brand new from Lizzy Ford, the first book in her new paranormal series, Hidden Evil, is out now. HEAR NO is just 99 cents on Amazon.

It’s only the end of the world at stake …

Nathan’s job for the past three thousand years has been to clean up supernatural messes. Jaded, ruthlessly effective and selfless, he’s seen it all and can handle anything – demons, homicidal angels, even bad bosses.

His latest challenge: A creature named Shadowman is seeking out the three keys it believes will open portals between earth and hell. Nathan must eliminate the human host guiding Shadowman to the keys. Except Nathan isn’t expecting the woman anchoring Shadowman to the human world to be beautiful, witty, innocent and completely unaware of the creature manipulating her. Worse, she makes him feel alive for the first time in his long existence, and he haphazardly discovers she’s meant to become the love of his life.

Life becomes more complicated when Nathan helps rescue one of the key holders, a deaf girl charged with protecting the secret of who Shadowman really is: the first of four demons headed to the human world, intent on bringing about the Apocalypse. They will succeed, unless Nathan kills the woman he loves, and sends the demon back to Hell.