Sunwalker Saga

Sunwalker Saga is a fast paced urban fantasy series with strong elements of paranormal romance.

Originally the first three books of the series were self-published in 2011. All three have since be been republished by Montlake Romance. Each book has been extensively rewritten and edited and now stands at between 70k and 75k in length.

Short stories from this series range in length from around 2k to 5k and are still self-published.

Kissed by Darkness (Book One)

Kissed by Fire (Book Two)

Sunwalker’s Kiss (Sunwalker Saga short story)

Kissed by Smoke (Book Three)

Irish Kiss (Sunwalker Saga short story)

Kissed by Moonlight (Book Four )

Kissed by Ice (Book Five)

Kissed by Eternity  (Book Six – Coming Early 2015)

Sunwalker Saga: Soulshifter Trilogy (Takes place between books 3 and 4.)

Sunwalker Saga: Witch Blood (New series coming in 2015.)

59 thoughts on “Sunwalker Saga”

  1. I have the three original first three books in the Sunwalker series. I was thinking about buying the revised ones. I’d like to know how to tell the difference between the new and old ones. Please help. Thanks!!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. The original three books are no longer available. Only the new revised versions are up for sale. You can tell because the new versions are published by Montlake Romance. Happy Reading!

      1. Just found the series, both husband and I have loved reading all four books can’t wait for the 5th please write faster…..

  2. I read A LOT and the Sunwalker series has become my favorite of all! I love the writing and can’t wait for the next ones!

  3. I really don’t know which series I loved more Sunwalker or Dragon Wars…I can’t wait to see what hapens in book 4. I really hope it is to be released soonn!!!!!!!!!

    1. I sucked down the first 3. Then cried when I realized book 4 is not out yet. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Great cliff hanger.

  4. So far I loved the first two books but the end of the third book really made we want to have to bring Inigo back!

  5. I am hoping kissed by moonlight is out soon….ive been reading other book series to keep me busy but it’s not the same. I hope your muse is sitting close by!

  6. When will #5 be released? The first 4 are fabulous. Have read one after the other and was really disappointed to find that there was no follow up.

  7. I have to say these books are fabulous! It’s been awhile since I was angry and crying over a book in the same page! I must also admit to binge reading them all within a week. I absolutely cannot wait to read the next two!

  8. Ms. MacLeod, I am definitely in love with the Sunwalker series. I have finished all 4 books and I am so excited for the next two. Keep up the amazing work girlfriend!

  9. In my version of Kissed by Smoke, nothing happened to Inigo. So I’m confused with the comments of ‘ bring him back’. Then I start reading Kissed by Moonlight and the first page has her in the Otherworld. What the heck did I miss?!!!!!

    1. Hi Dawn.

      Back in 2012 Montlake Romance purchased the rights to the first three Sunwalker books and had me rewrite them. The first two books had some slight changes, but Kissed by Smoke was extensively rewritten with an additional 25,000 words of added material and a brand new ending. The books were then republished by Montlake. I’m guessing you have the old version of the book hence the confusion.

  10. I’m sorry, I meant the next book…I’ve read all of the books that are released, am looking for the 5th book then? Whatever the next book in the series is? Just wondering about an ETA so I can pre order from amazon :) thanks

  11. I really have enjoyed these books, got a bit worried about the whole inigo/jack thing for a bit, was afraid she wouldn’t stick to her guns about where her heart was at. Now Inigo is back on the radar and I’m sweating it again, hoping he isn’t dying, your really good at the cliff hangar, and I can hardly wait for the next two, thanks for keeping us all entertained, and giving us the escape we all need from reality once in a while.

  12. These books are fantastic! Looking forward to 5 & 6 in the Sunwalker saga being released soon. I just finished reading #4. You’ve definitely left readers hanging!

  13. Just spent the past three days doing nothing much but reading the four books in the Sunwalker series. Now I can’t wait for the last two. I love everything about these books and can’t to see what happens next.

  14. It’s been a long time since I have found an author that I have to follow. I love your books! I started with the Sunwalker Saga and while waiting for book #4 I read everything else. I loved them all. I keep checking Amazon for the pre-order for Kissed by Ice. I will reread this series and dragon wars over and over for years to come. Thanks for the great books and keep writing!

  15. Hi Shea, love your Sun Walker Series. Looking forward to book 5 and 6. Will book 5 and 6 be in audio form. Even though I’ve read book 4, I would still buy the audiobook. I have the first 3 in audio already.

    1. Hi Cheryl. So glad you’re enjoying the series! As of yet there are no plans to make audio books of the last three novels. If that changes, I will certainly post the info on the Sunwalker page.

  16. Hi, Simply adore these books, started reading the first book on Sunday and finished the 4th book on Wednesday lunch.!! Just could not put them down, Cannot wait for the next 2 books now. Its not showing up on Amazon yet as being released this year, so finders crossed they will get their act together soon.

    1. Thanks so much, Jane! I really appreciate hearing that. :-) The fifth book is definitely on track for this summer, so not to worry! I’ll be sure and post when I know for sure it’ll be available.

  17. I was disappointed that book 4 wasn’t available in ‘audio’ format…PLEASE tell me your new publisher and Amazon are planning to include the audio version…I love The Sunwalker Series!

  18. I got the first of the Sunwalker saga as a free book on Amazon. Before I finished it I was online buying books 2 & 3, halfway through book 2 I found book 4 which I just finished at 3:40am. I could not put these books down and I’m positively salivating for books 5 & 6!!
    On that note, Inigo has to live, I like Jack but he’s stupid, Morgan and Inigo belong together. Brent Darroch, Alister the a-hole and the fairy-bitch queen need to go down!!
    Pardon my “French” and thank you for a truly, entertaining and fun romp in fantasy land and the dragons….yummy :-)

  19. Whoops the first book wasn’t free, but it was worth every penny of the $2.99 I got it for :-) Get all of the Sunwalker saga, you won’t regret it.

  20. OMG! I am so in love with these characters! I finished all five books in just over a week (and I worked too). House is a complete mess… But it was worth it. 😊. I can’t wait for book #6 to be out in 2015. Now to rejoin the real world.
    BTW, I love Morgan’s sassiness, ‘take-no-crap’ attitude but still have a vulnerability to make her lovable.

  21. I read your first sunwalker book in german. It was fantastic! Please translate the other sunwalker books into German. I’m very curious how it goes.

    1. Thank you so much! I really, really wish I could. I have so many German readers ask me this. My publisher holds the German rights to those books and, unfortunately, has decided at this time not to translate the others at this time. Maybe if enough people ask, they will change their minds!

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