Shéa’s Books

Book series by Shéa MacLeod:

Sunwalker Saga

A modern urban fantasy series in which the vampires don’t sparkle and the heroine kicks major ass.


                          Spellwalker03_200x300 Sunwalker Saga: Witchblood

The saga continues with brand new stories. This time a coven of witches, bound to protect their community, fights dark magic and bad guys with a little help from their friendly, neighborhood Sunwalkers.


Fearless_200x300Sunwalker Saga: Soulshifter Trilogy

Want to know what happened to Zip and Mikey? A New Adult spin-off series of the original Sunwalker Saga starring genies, demons, and magic.


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00012]Notting Hill Diaries

Contemporary romance with a romcom twist, set in the heart of London. The first novella, To Kiss A Prince, is coming your way Jan, 2015.


Dragon Wars

A near-future post-apocalyptic series.  With romance and dragons.


Book One
Book One

Cupcake Goddess Novelettes

Comedic tales of a cupcake obsessed ancient Welsh goddess and her frustrations with mere mortals.


Rage of Angels02_200x300       Omicron ZX

Firefly meets CSI with a splash of romance. Space has never been so much fun …

42 thoughts on “Shéa’s Books”

    1. Hi Kathy. Thanks for stopping by.

      YES! There will be a third book in the Sunwalker Saga. In fact, there will be a total of six books in the series.

      Book 3 will be called Kissed by Smoke and will be out by Christmas 2011.

      1. I literally just found your books this week and read both of them in a couple of days (instead of studying : P) and loved them! Very excited to hear that there are more coming. Plus I love the actors you picked out for the characters.

  1. Hi I have just read the first 3 of your SunWalker books over 3 days and loved them (Fantastic story lines), do you have any idea on the release date fro book 4?

    1. Thanks Debbie! Originally the fourth was going to be out in June, but since I’ll be right in the middle of swapping countries, it will most likely be closer to the end of 2012. I’ll keep you posted!

  2. Hello! My name is Nicole, aka ariesgrl, I have recently created a blog for my book reviews, and while updating it with reviews that I have written this year, I search for new-to-me authors, which led me to your site. Your books look amazing! I would love to read them, and post reviews on my site. Let me know if you might be interested. I hope you have a great day! ~ariesgrl

  3. Hi Shea, I hope you are well. I have just read your Sunwalker series and really enjoyed the books, read them all too quickly !! Could you tell me when the next books will be released?

  4. Hi Shea
    Just read all three Sunwalker books……could not put them down
    book 4? because have to know more war death Jack Inigo etc

  5. Hey Shea!
    Just discovered your work last week and am hooked! But, soooooo frustrated. I think it is so unfair that my favorite writers can’t publish nearly as fast as I read. So don’t get discouraged cause there are lots of us out here waiting for what is to come. I am especially excited about outer space!
    Thank You for feeding my imagination and filling those rare but precious quiet hours.
    You Rock Girl!

    1. Thank you so much , Angi! Both for reading my work and for your encouraging words. :-) I used to feel the same (Why can’t they write FASTER???) about my favorite authors. Until I became one. LOL! I promise, I’m working as fast as I can! :-)

  6. I just finished the Sun Walker series and am now officially in love. Your writing is such an amazing talent. Thank you for sharing your gift. I am eagerly awaiting the for the rest of the series. Yay for kick butt girl power :)

  7. Hello Shea I have just finished your book Kissed by Moonlight. I have read the other three also. Is there another following as you cannot leave me hanging wondering what happens next!!! Please tell me I will find out what happens next and whether Inego willbe ok. Yours a spell bound reader.

    1. Hi Maz. Not to worry! I’m currently working on the fifth book in the series. It will be out this summer. The sixth and final book in the series will be out this coming winter. Thanks for reading!

      1. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Hope it didn’t take it away from your writing!! Good to know that I will find out how the story ends. Keep writing good stories like this. I love them x

  8. I’ve read the 4 books in the Sunwalker series a couple of times. Do you have a release date on 5 yet. So looking forward to it. Thanks for the incredible story line.

  9. I just finished the first 3 Sunwalker Saga books on audible and I loved them. Will the remaining books be on soon?

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