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Book Series

Angel's Fall
As a guardian angel, Raphael has one duty: Protect his charge. Anything more is forbidden and love holds the direst consequences of all. But the day he meets his new assignment, Sarah, he finds himself willing to risk everything for just one touch. 
Cupcake Goddess Novelette
Comedic tales of a cupcake obsessed ancient Welsh goddess and her frustrations with mere mortals.
Dragon Wars
A near-future post-apocalyptic series. With romance and dragons.
Notting Hill Diaries
Contemporary romance with a romcom twist, set in the heart of London. 
Sunwalker Saga
A modern urban fantasy series in which the vampires don’t sparkle and the heroine kicks major ass.
Sunwalker Saga : Soulshifter Trilogy
Want to know what happened to Zip and Mikey? A New Adult spin-off series of the original Sunwalker Saga starring genies, demons, and magic.
Sunwalker Saga : Sunwalker Shorts
Short stories from the Sunwalker Saga series, ranging in length from around 2k to 5k and are still self-published.
Sunwalker Saga : Witchblood
The saga continues with brand new stories. This time a coven of witches, bound to protect their community, fights dark magic and bad guys with a little help from their friendly, neighborhood Sunwalkers.
Viola Roberts Cozy Mystery
Sassy, snarky writer Viola Roberts seems to have become a magnet for murder. With a little help from her wine-swilling, wise-cracking best friend she's determined to find out who dunnit before the killers get away with murder.
Wolffe & Bane
Wolffe & Bane: Paranormal Investigators Urban Fantasy/Paranormal/Romance
~Omicron Zed-X
Firefly meets CSI with a splash of romance. Space has never been so much fun …