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Come Meet The Hottest #Romance #Authors in #Portland

Get your tickets for Passion in Portland this coming September. General Admission is FREE, but you need tickets, so get them now!

VIP tickets (be the first to meet your favorite authors with a special morning session) are just $15, and Author Stalker tickets (join your favorite authors and 100 of their super fans for a special dinner in the Grand Ballroom) are just $57.

More info on the event HERE.

Get your tickets HERE.

And here’s a current list of authors attending:


Event Date:

Saturday, September 12, 2015 from 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM (PDT)


Crowne Plaza Downtown Portland
1441 NE 2nd Ave
Portland, Oregon 97232

#Paranormal Goodness in the #BigEasy!

 First annual author and reader convention Magnolias and Mausoleums to kick off summer 2015 in New Orleans.

 Over thirty best-selling paranormal authors and their avid readers will meet in New Orleans for a five-day convention in the heart of New Orleans July 22 through 26, 2015. Readers will be the focus during this mini-con set against the mystical backdrop of NOLA. In addition to author panels that cover everything from macabre urban legends, to dashing dukes, to hair (and toe) curling vampires and other things that go bump in the night, Magnolias and Mausoleums has several city centric events planned for the attendees including:

  • Opening night meet and greet, with refreshments and music; readers and authors alike will get a chance to mix and mingle
  • Two walking tours of your choice guided by the world renowned tour company, Haunted History
  • Opening night at Magnolias and Mausoleums Spooky Speakeasy
  • A charity gaming night will be in operation to benefit the local Habitat for Humanity
  • Along with many author sponsored events

L.M. Pruitt, co-founder and best-selling author of the Winged series said, “It’s going to be a one of a kind event that will not only bring readers up close and personal with their favorite authors, but it will give everyone a real chance to enjoy the magical city of the South, New Orleans.”

ATTENDING AUTHORS (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER): Paige Prince; Arial Burnz; Randi Alexander; CJ Anaya; Izzibella; Beau Becket; K.L. Bone; Elle Bright; Rachel Rawlings; Rochelle Callan Guzman; Maegan Provan; Jami Brumfield; Ginger Ring; Linda Rae Sande; W.L. Sexton; Alicia Sparks; Natasza Waters; Julie L. York; Tiffany Carmouche; L.M. Pruitt; Eryn Black; Sarah M. Cradit; Cadence Denton; Tricia Drammeh; Elise Hepner; Paula Knight; Lori Leger; Livia Quinn; Karen Sue Burns; Shéa MacLeod; Cat Miller; Mary Moriarty; Jenna Jacob; Debra Parmley; Michel Prince; Brandy L. Rivers

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Publicity Contact – Sara O’Connor (800) 621-5518 ext. 804,

Brace Yourself…#ComicCon Is Coming!


I can’t believe it! Portland ComicCon is just around the corner. And guess who’s going to be there? The delicious Sasha Roiz from Grimm! Guess who’s also going to be there? Norman Reedus aka Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. Can my nerdy heart even stand it?

That’s right, folks. I’m going to be there, too. I’ll be sharing a table with my friend and fellow costuming enthusiast, fantasy author Miranda Mayer.

I’m going to have plenty of paperbacks for sale and a whole lot of cool swag. So, stop by our table and say “hi.”

Get in the #Christmas Spirit! Penny Estelle Stops By For Some Holiday Cheer.

Please give a warm welcome to my fellow contemporary romance author, Penny Estelle! She’s sharing a little of her new Christmas romance as well as some interesting facts about herself. Welcome, Penny!

The Unwanted Christmas Guest

99 cents until December 1

The Unwanted Christamas Guest 333x500Elizabeth McMurphy is an up and coming high powered attorney and is after vengeance, involving one of the richest and most powerful families in Colorado. Steve York is an obnoxious reporter that thinks the ice queen has gone too far and does all he can to get under her skin.

When one of the worst blizzards in history hits Colorado during the Christmas holiday and leaves a hurt Steve York, stranded with Elizabeth in a mountain cabin, her hatred for him starts to thaw. But this attorney has a secret that she will guard, even at the risk of losing her only chance at love.


He pulled out the chair across from her and sat down.  One side of his mouth quirked up into one damn sexy grin.

“Look, as much as I’d love to sit and chat…”

He didn’t let her finish.  “You look very…” Steven paused for what seemed like minutes, “professional.”

“Professional?” she asked.

Steven nodded.  “Since I’ve been covering your cases, you have been the cover girl for professionalism.  Your chestnut hair is always in a tight bun at the nape of your neck, always parted in the middle and has never seen even a strand of hair out of place.  Your dark brown eyes, expressionless, almost robotic.  Your voice is never raised in anger or excitement.  It’s practically void of emotion.”

Elizabeth lightly touched the napkin to her lips.  Her insides were screaming for her to cut and run, but outside she was the picture of cool, almost bored.

“And then there is your choice of clothing,” he continued.  “Always the power suits.  The skirts hit just below the knees, hugging your…”  She couldn’t help but glance up him, waiting.  “…frame to perfection.  And the intimidating suit jacket. I’ve never seen you without the jacket.”

She opened her purse and threw some money on the table.  “It’s been a slice of Heaven, Mr. York,” and got out of her seat.

Steven grabbed her wrist.  “How did you find all those girls to come forward?”

She looked at his hand holding her wrist, saying nothing until he slowly let it go.  “I don’t do interviews.”

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Penny Estelle was born, long ago, in Iowa City, Iowa.  Her family up and moved to Mesa, AZ, when she was a toddler, and has remained in Arizona since.

She started writing for children right before retiring, claiming after working so long with children of all ages, she has plenty of material to work with. “I was never a reader as a child or teen and I missed out on so many adventures.  I think it’s very important in today’s world to get kids reading and keep them reading.”

Her books for the younger group include a children’s picture book,  Have You seen My Tail, a book of magic and fantasy, Hike Up Devil’s Mountain, plus a series of time travel adventures for ages 9 – 13, The Wickware Sagas.

Penny decided to try her hand at writing for the older crowd.  She now has a family drama about desertion and addiction, two contemporary romances, a paranormal romance and two historical western romances under her belt.  She and her husband also wrote a non fiction short story on their experience living with solar.

Penny Estelle was a school secretary for twenty-one years.  After retiring, she and her husband moved to their fifty-four acre ranch in NW Arizona where they live off the grid.  Solar and wind is the only source of electricity.  “A real adjustment for a city girl, but I love it.  At night, the sky is an explosion of stars.  It is breathtaking!”

If Penny is not working on stories, she enjoys four-wheeling on unexplored roads, visiting with family (especially her seven grandchildren), and enjoys the occasional visits to the casinos.  She also admits her weakness is ice cream, anytime, anywhere!

Penny and her books can be found in the following links:

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5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Me:

  1. I live extremely rural, on wind and solar only. At night, other than moon and stars, there is no light.  I am afraid of the dark!
  1. I write for kids, ages 9 – 13, and I NEVER read as a child. I missed out on so much.
  1. Once my folks went out of town and I had some friends over. Can’t remember the details, but a can of green paint was spilled in the middle of the carpet.  We moved an overstuffed rocker to cover it.  My mom became suspicious the second she saw a rocker in the middle of the living room.   Not only was I a little wild as a kid, but apparently not too bright either!  LOL
  1. I would rather deal with a rattlesnake than a mouse. We have an abundance of both around our property!
  1. If I had the money I would be a professional gambler!

Omicron Prequel Available on #GooglePlay. #Aliens #Murder #Romance

Do you Google?

Aliens! Murder! Romance!
Aliens! Murder! Romance!

If you’re a Google Play fan, good news! Omicron Zed-X, the prequel story to the Omicron ZX world, is now available on Google Play! Get it HERE.

Starship captain Zala Lei’s bid to bring a dangerous criminal to Justice leads her to Omicron 5 and the sexy Xander Lodai, a man even more dangerous than the one she’s chasing. She can only hope that Xander will help her stop evil in its tracks before she becomes the next victim. But can she save her heart from Xander?


Ever Wanted To Be A Writer? Use This Code And Join In The Fun At Write On by Kindle!

Have you dreamed of being a writer? Maybe just for fun, or maybe as a career? Or do you just have that one idea that NEEDS to come out. Well, let me tell you about this awesome new place for writers (and readers!).

It’s called Write On By Kindle. It’s a site where you can post your manuscript and get honest feedback from readers and other writers. I used one of these sites when I first started and the lessons I learned were invaluable. It helped me polish my book and get ready to become a published author. If you want to be a writer, I can’t recommend this enough.

Starting TODAY, and for the rest of the week, I’m the Writer in Residence at Write On by Kindle. How cool is that? I’ll be giving writing prompts, reading some of the manuscripts on offer, and offering feedback on a few. I’ll even read over all the short stories created from my prompts and pick out my favorites.

To join Write On by Kindle, go HERE and enter this code: SHEAMACL

Welcome to the party!

Firefly Meets CSI Meets…Ancient Aliens?

FINALLY! The book you’ve all been waiting for!

Rage of Angels02_200x300A Rage of Angles is now available on Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo and coming soon to Barnes & Noble. Those of you who want paperback will have to wait a little bit longer, but it’s coming later this month.

Here’s the blurb:

Firefly meets CSI in this brand new series from Shéa MacLeod, author of the international bestselling Sunwalker Saga!

On planet Serabim there are two types of people: humans and Angels. When humans first arrived on Serabim, the natives welcomed them … as long as humans stuck to the low grounds and left the aeries and the Angels alone.

But something changed.

Angels are murdering humans at an alarming rate, leaving their mutilated bodies on public display. In horror, the humans call upon their local Rider for justice. Omicron ZX_200x300

All is not as it seems on idyllic Serabim, as Captain Zala Lei and her Rider, Xander Lodai, will soon discover. The Rage of the Angels may indeed be something entirely more human.

This one has been a long time coming, so I hope you all enjoy it!

If you want to know how how Zala and Xander met, don’t forget to check out the prequel novelette available for just 99 cents.