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Author of urban fantasy post-apocalyptic scifi paranormal romances with a twist of steampunk, as well as contemporary romances with a heavy dose of hilarity. Also rather fond of lemon curd, mushroom pizza, disco, and Ancient Aliens.

Why I Don’t Do Pre-Orders on Amazon

I have been asked many times by loyal readers why I don’t do Amazon pre-orders. Honestly, I’d love to, but I can’t. Or rather, I won’t. Here is why: The system is fatally flawed and Amazon has yet to fix it in the many months the option has been available. It has caused many authors loss of readers, time, money, and their good name.

If you want more details on what’s been going on, read this excellent article by Passive Guy.

The long and short of it is, I will NEVER do pre-orders on Amazon until I know for sure these continuing issues have been fixed. Basically, don’t hold your breath.


Kissing Mr. Darcy Available NOW! Get it on #iBooks #Amazon and #Kobo #contemporaryromance #romcom

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00027]Kissing Mr. Darcy

Like half the women in the known universe, Emma Roberts is in love with Mr. Darcy. When the opportunity to live in London presents itself, she jumps at the chance determined to find her own Mr. Darcy. Alas, the road to true love isn’t quite as smooth as one might hope.

Nik Archer is no Mr. Darcy. Sure, he’s sexy as all get out, but he doesn’t quite fit the bill. Still, Emma can’t help but be drawn to him even though she knows it will never work.

Ebook available NOW on:

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Paperback coming soon.

Angel’s Fall Available NOW! #paranormal #romance #swoon

Get the hotly anticipated Angel’s Fall NOW:



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Here’s what readers are saying:

“Angel’s Fall has everything you love and crave about paranormal romance: addicting swoon, edge-of-your-seat angst, and a leading guy who leaves you breathless. This story left me DESPERATE for more and impatiently waiting for that telltale whisper that Raphael was close. I’m still waiting . . . should I challenge you again, Ms. MacLeod? WELL DONE! You put the WOO into SWOON!” – Belinda Boring, Author of Mystic Wolves

#RoseCityComicCon Aftermath

This weekend was a crazy mess of fun and exhaustion. My second ever comic con and first time at Rose City Comic Con. It was so busy Saturday I barely got away from the table! Got away a little more on Sunday, but there was so much to see, I only caught a fraction of it.

It was so great seeing readers I’d met at Wizard World Portland back in January. A couple of them literally hunted me down so they could grab their copies of Kissed by Eternity! lol I met new readers, too, and got to introduce them to the Sunwalker Saga and Dragon Wars. Plus some great artists, authors, and assorted cosplayers. I even got to fangirl over iZombie! (Yes, the writer was there and he signed a copy of the first comic book for me. SQUEE!)

Bonnie, me, and author Miranda Mayer taking RCCC2015 by storm!

The best part of Comic Con is hanging with my peeps, Bonnie (assistant and uber awesome formatter) and Miranda Mayer (fantasy and Regency author). I can’t imagine doing this without them! In fact, we’re already signed up for RCCC2016 next September! Put it in your calendar. You won’t want to miss it! You can get tickets HERE.

Retired Wonder Woman
Retired Wonder Woman
My signed copy of iZombie!
Green Arrow
Medieval Green Arrow


And don’t forget to come see us in February of 2016 at Wizard World Portland. More geeky goodness! You won’t want to miss out on the fun!

Almost time for #RoseCityComicCon!


Had an amazing time this past weekend at Passion in Portland 2015. Met some great authors, awesome readers, AND got to make a fool of myself at karaoke. Let’s just say I’m REALLY looking forward to PiP 2016!

Coming up this weekend is another event I’ve really been looking forward to: Rose City Comic Con.  This will be my first time at this Comic Con and I’m really looking forward to it.

You can find me and fantasy author Miranda Mayer at table Q8 in the Artists’ Alley.  Be sure to stop by and say hello. (Yes, I will have copies of the entire Sunwalker Saga, plus pretty much all the other books I’ve ever written.) Paranormal Romance author Stace Lee will also be there (though she’s at another table so go find her!).

Look forward to seeing some of you this weekend!

#PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ParanormalRomance & #ContemporaryRomance Author Shea MacLeod

I figured it was only fair I answer my own questions, since everyone else had to. So, just in time for Passion In Portland tomorrow, I present you our final author: Me!

Deathwalker_200x300What sparked the idea for your latest novel? Was there a specific “Ah—ha!” moment?

My most recently published work is the second book in the Sunwalker Saga:Witchblood series, Deathwalker. The series come from my inability to let go of the world I’d created in the original Sunwalker Saga. But Deathwalker itself was a little more..complicated.

I knew I’d write Lene’s story at some point. It had to happen, of course. And I knew she was a Deathwalker (a witch who senses death and can sometimes speak to the dead). But that was about it. The story really came together when Lucien Antonelli, a man with a few extra special powers himself, came swaggering through my brain. I have zero idea what sparked him, but there he was in all his witchy glory. The story just flowed after that. 

Tell us about your hero and heroine? What makes them and their story unique?
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#PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ContemporaryRomance Author Jaycee Ford

Next author up on our Passion in Portland author round up is the super cool Jaycee Ford!

What sparked the idea for your latest novel? Was there a specific “Ah—ha!” moment?

My soon to published fourth novel is the last in the Love Bug series entitled Mosquito Chase. I hadn’t actually planned a fourth book for this series. I had published Watching Fireflies in August 2014 and it became an Amazon Bestselling Romantic Suspense the first day. I was floored that my debut had been so well received. I followed up with Dragonfly Awakening soon after in September. After I released Hornet’s Nest in February 2015, everyone kept asking, “What about Caleb? He needs a story.” A buzz then echoed in the back of my head much like it had for the first three bug books, and I plotted out Mosquito Chase, a romantic suspense starring everyone’s favorite cowboy cop and a pesky girl everyone loves to hate. Mosquito Chase is to be released November 25th.

Tell us about your hero and heroine? What makes them and their story unique?
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What’s Up With This #Angel Thing? #romance #amwriting

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been posting a lot of teasers for something called Angel’s Fall. You might have even asked yourself, “What is this Angel’s Fall thing?”

Ask no more. I’ve got answers!

About a month ago, an author friend of mine (Belinda Boring. Go check her out.) who is known as the Queen of Swoon challenged me to write something really super swoony. As you probably know, while I may include swoony moments in my novels, they’re generally not pure swoon. (Hard to do too much swooning when hunting down bad guys.) But…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Thus Angel’s Fall was born.

It’s a story about an angel who falls in love with his charge despite the fact it’s forbidden. It’s about a woman who finds inner strength despite the fact she’s been broken. And, yeah, it’s chock full of SWOON. Look for it this October. In the meantime, check out these teasers:

Teaser 15 teaser 14 Teaser 12 Teaser 9 Teaser 8 RaphaelTeaser 5











#PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ParanormalRomance Author Gretchen S.B.

Wow! I can’t believe how many AMAZING authors I’ve gotten to interview so far. I can’t wait to meet all of them at Passion In Portland on September 12th!

Next up is paranormal AND contemporary romance author, Gretchen S. B.

What sparked the idea for your latest novel? Was there a specific “Ah—ha!” moment?

I was working on the first book in the series and realized there should be more books about other characters. Once that thought crossed my mind it was followed by ‘I want to tell Viking’s story next.’

 Tell us about your hero and heroine? What makes them and their story unique?

What makes these to special is he belongs to the Night World, which is explored in the first book of the series. While Mia is just a regular gal. So when she is introduced to the Night World and all the characters in it we see people from the first book in a new light.

 Why do you write Romance? Why your specific sub-genre of romance?

I love writing in general. I write several sub-genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, and I am hoping to have m first contemporary Romance out in the next few months. I just like telling stories, any story that strikes my fancy. I mainly enjoy creating my own world, which is why I write mostly paranormal and urban.

 What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you at a signing?

Passion in Portland is my first true signing event. I have had a table and Emerald City Comicon and had an author event at Third Place Books. But out of those the funniest thing would be when we got to the questions and answer period at third place books and one of the attendees told me I was so entertaining and she wanted to see me have my own sitcom. :) I am still not sure what to make of that.

 Now for the Lightening Round! Answer these fast and quick (ala the Hot Seat questions on Inside the Actor’s Studio)

 Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate, unless it is coffee.

 Where do you write?


 Favorite romance novel plot device?

Surprise baby! I am a sucker for the one night stand reunites years later and there is a baby he didn’t know about. It is a goal of mine to someday write one.

 What trait in a man do you find most sexy?

A smirk, yes I know it is cliche!

 Least sexy?

Being condescending. Something about it makes me want to be violent.

 Your book is going to be made into a movie! Who plays the lead roles?

I don’t know! Ah, the pressure. I have no idea. I am drawing a complete blank.

VikingSensitivity_GSB_500X700Blurb for Viking Sensitivity:

Viking was not sure what to do with himself with Gwen in Montana. That is until his path crosses with Mia’s. She is a beautiful sensitive who is being haunted by a strange being Viking has never heard of.

Mia Jones might not have an exciting life as the owner of an independent book store, but she is okay with that. Then she meets Viking and it is as if her life goes tumbling down a rabbit hole.

Mia and Viking must pull together to fight off the being that is haunting her. As Mia adjust to the Night World it appears this being might not be working along

You can get the first book in the series HERE.

GretchenAuthor Bio:

Gretchen is a Seattleite that loves her home. She has a day job as a Program Coordinator a local university. She is a struggling Indie Author, struggling as in she is trying to make her living writing books. She loves to read, write and create characters. As well as knit and binge watch Netflix. She is also on a sporadic book blog and internet radio show with some of her college friends. She currently lives with her husband and their mischievous Rotti mix, who always seems to find something new she shouldn’t be chewing on.

Find Gretchen on her website.

#PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ContemporaryRomance Author Ava O’Shay

avaoshayThe next author on our Passion in Portland tour is Ava O’Shay. Ava writes what she refers to as “Upper YA Contemporary Romance.” You can get a copy of her book, Serenity, for just 99cents! (More about the book below!)

Here’s my interview with Ava:

What sparked the idea for your latest novel? Was there a specific “Ah—ha!” moment?

The idea for the Serenity series was sparked by a little girl I had in one of my classes. Her story is similar and with the addition of other students I have had in the past, I was able to develop the story. As well as one of my characters suffered a concussion and I too was suffering the ill effects of one so had some first-hand experience to add to the story. 
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