The Lure Of Romance

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Today another of my new friends from Montlake Romance, Susannah Sandlin, dropped by for a chat and a cuppa. So pour yourself something tasty, pull up a chair, and join in on the conversation as I ask this author of dark paranormal romance (just my kind!) a few questions. Like why she loves paranormal romance…

I always like to joke that I love to read romance novels—as long as either the hero or heroine (or both) aren’t human. Yeah, I’m one of those paranormal romance people. What’s the lure of paranormal romance?

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And The Winner Is….

Roxy Boroughs

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a visit and to let Norah Wilson and myself know who you think is the perfect (and sexy) hero. Got a lot of votes for Daniel Craig. :-)

Cowboys and Aliens
Cowboys and Aliens

Bet that made you smile. I know it did me! :-) (By the way, if you want that screensaver, click on the pic and you can get a shiny new one all to yourself.)

A big congrats to Roxy for winning the Norah Wilson giveaway. SQUEE! Roxy, please email me at and let me know you prize selection (as listed on the post here). Please also include your physical address if you’re choosing paperback, or your preferred email address if ebook.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

A Haunted Freebie

The Eclective: The Haunted Collection
The Eclective: The Haunted Collection

Just in case you missed it last time, The Haunted Collection is free today and tomorrow on Amazon!

“Empty Vessel” by M. Edward McNally: Captain Wil has command of his own ship, the respect of his crew, and his wife is expecting their first child. But at sea, the winds always become calm just before the storm breaks.

“The Smell of Death” by Tara West: Maggie’s unusual powers bring new threats to her already troubled childhood.

“Safe” by Emma Jameson: In Victorian London, a grave robber makes a nice living off the dead, until he opens the wrong crypt.

“Soulfully Sweet” by Shéa MacLeod: As if helping the living isn’t enough of a pain in her divine hindquarters, Branwen (former goddess of love and beauty) is stuck helping the dead on All Hallow’s Eve.

“May I Go Play?” by Heather Marie Adkins: Micah inherits a southern mansion where ancestors long dead relive their violent deaths. And now, they want company…

“Blehdward, the Vampire who Couldn’t Sparkle” by Pj Jones: Blehdward desperately wants to fit in with the cool vamps. If only he could learn how to sparkle.

“Franscesca” by Alan Nayes: Break a promise to a feiticeira and you will live to regret it.

“Soul Eaters” by R.G. Porter: Kaitlyn never believed in the existence of other worlds. Now she’s in the middle of one where humans aren’t the hunters but the hunted.

Download yours today!

Ed Harris vs. Aragorn

This week’s Writer Wednesday guest is another fabulous Montlake (and indie) author, Norah Wilson. But I didn’t meet her through Montlake. I met her over a year ago through an online writer group and we’ve been friends and super-fans of each other ever since! I asked Norah the question: Why do you love romance?

I am a life-long romance reader, having started reading my mother’s tame Harlequins long before I perhaps should have been. There was always something so comforting about them. No matter the challenges (or should I say the misunderstandings? I seem to remember a lot of them!), no matter how arrogant or bull-headed the hero (I remember a lot of them too!), the heroine always managed to set him straight, after which they got their happy ending. A lot has changed about romance since those days, including the level and nature of the conflict. Heck, these days, the H&h might not even be the same species. But much remains the same, including the work and/or sacrifice required for the couple to earn their happily ever after.
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Shéa MacLeod:

My friend and critique buddy PJ Jones has a freebie today! Check out Pride and Prejudice and VAMPIRES!

Originally posted on pjjoneswrites:

Click here to download my tasteless, tacky and crude parody for FREE on Kindle today and tomorrow.
PJ Jones doesn’t just take fiction and make it funny. First she bludgeons it, butchers it, pulverizes it, and then regurgitates the indigestible parts onto the page. So if you are bold enough to click on that purchase button, just be warned; if your laugh-o-meter is set to prude, not crude, and you have high literary standards, or ANY standards at all, you will be sadly disappointed, plus you may vomit a little in your mouth.

If you are ready to take a jaunt through low-brow inane prose, join Elizabeth Bennet and her vampire family as they disgrace a once-esteemed novel while feasting on toad-faced suitors, servants and orphans. Mmmmm.

Thank goodness for Mr. Darcy, who tries to steer Elizabeth back on script, and preserve whatever dignity is left of Jane Austen’s good…

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Pride and Prejuice and Colin Firth

Today I’m over on Norah Wilson’s blog giving a tour of my work space and talking books, dragons, and Jeremy Renner. In the meantime, I’ve got a special treat for you, my lovely readers!

For today’s Writer Wednesday I asked fellow Montlake author Debra Holland to stop by and tell us why she loves romance. Plus answer a few nosy questions! Here’s Debra:

I started reading romance when I was thirteen. A classmate’s mother read Mills and Boon books, gave them to her daughter who read them, then gave them to me. In those days the romances were sweet, not sexy, totally appropriate for a thirteen-year-old. I’ve been reading romance ever since.

It’s probably no co-incidence that at the same age, I started reading my grandmother’s Ladies Home Journal magazines, and loved the “Can This Marriage be Saved?” column, especially how the therapist helped the couple change. I knew I wanted to grow up and be a marriage counselor, and I never wavered from that goal. What I didn’t know was that I would also grow up to be a romance writer, although that desire came much later in life, long after years of graduate school, a Ph.D, and a thriving psychotherapy practice.

I love to read romance novels, not just because of the romantic elements in the story, but because the hero and heroine change. Their relationship with each other– falling in love–causes them to grow past their limitations and become better people.

What’s your favorite romantic movie?

Pride and Prejudice—the Colin Firth version

Ohhhh, I do love the tasty Mr. Firth! Who is the most romantic couple in history (real or fictional)?

I’ll pick fictional. J.D Robb’s Eve Dallas and her husband, Rourke. Maybe they are the most romantic couple because we get to see their relationship develop over numerous books. They are completely devoted to each other, but don’t have a traditional relationship, and Eve is definitely not a traditional heroine. That’s what makes their love so strong and special. Not to mention that Rourke is the perfect hero!

 I can’t argue there! I’ve got a serious soft spot for Rourke. And what’s your idea of a romantic getaway?

Well the romantic getaway has to first include a romantic man. Either one I go with or one I meet at the destination. Definitely a beautiful beach, privacy, a hotel or house with ocean views, a balcony or patio, comfortable furniture to nap and read on, and someone else to do the cleaning and cooking!

HAHA! Love it! Definitely the best part of any getaway, romantic or otherwise.

Thanks for stopping by Debra!

When her brother announces his marriage, Elizabeth Hamilton suddenly becomes unwanted and unwelcome in the only home she’s ever known. To escape the new mistress of the house, Elizabeth accepts the invitation of her best friend to journey to Montana.

The dirt streets and wooden storefronts of Sweetwater Springs and the hardships of ranch living are worlds away from the refinements of Gilded Age Boston, yet Elizabeth is filled with new hope—and buoyed by a wealthy banker’s attentions. Yet it’s cowboy Nick Sanders who slowly awakens her heart and helps her recognize her strengths. And when a deadly influenza epidemic strikes, Elizabeth will fight for those she loves—and the life she’s ready to claim.

A USA Today bestseller and winner of Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award, Wild Montana Sky is historical romance at its best—a warm, uplifting story of new love and second chances.

Debra Holland’s novel, Wild Montana Sky, is available NOW on Amazon!

Pride & Prejudice & Vampires


Apparently there have been some difficulties with this book going free today, so it is NOT free as of yet. Will keep you all posted when it does go free.


Because I love ya’ll, I’m going to tell you about another FREE book. That’s right. Free. But only today, okay? So go grab yourself a copy of Pride and Prejudice and Vampires.

You will either love me or hate me. Depending upon how you feel about Miss Austen. Frankly, I’m a fan. And I am a firm believer that if Miss Austen were alive and writing today, no doubt Elizabeth and Co. would have been kicking some vampire ass. Or becoming vampires. Or getting eaten by vampires. Or something.

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