Free The Dragons!!!

Happy Friday everyone!

And just because it’s Friday and you all are super awesome, I’m making the ebook of Dragon Warrior (the first Dragon Wars book) absolutely FREE on Amazon! It’s just for today and tomorrow (7/13/12 and 7/14/12) so pick up your copy right away.

A man without a past.
A woman without a future.
A world destroyed by monsters.
All that’s left is hope.

In Rain Mauri’s post-apocalyptic world there are no shades of gray when it comes to survival. Until she meets a Dragon Warrior and discovers nothing is as simple as it seems.

Together, Rain and the Dragon Warrior must uncover the truth behind the nightmare their world has become. Their quest will put them in the crosshairs of a ruthless enemy, but with her determination and his skill, they might just save their race from destruction. If they can save each other first.

Next Chapter, Please!

Maybe it’s a little cliche to say I’m “starting the next chapter” of my life, but that’s exactly what I’m doing. Moving from London back to my hometown of Portland, Oregon has been a pretty big adjustment for me. It’s also been a welcome change of pace.

The downside is my allergies have gone nuts. Apparently 6 years away is enough to lose your immunity. Or maybe it was that nasty cold the wreaked havoc on my immune system. In any case it’s like Hay Fever Gone Wild over here. I think this hat would be a perfect solution, don’t you?

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