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I’m under the weather today with an abscessed tooth, so here’s a linky dink to a fab interview with my good friend, author Tara West. She’s talking ghosts, writing, and – of course – dragons!

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I’m so glad today is Wednesday because that means it’s time for another round of What to Read Wednesday.  Today author Tara West is visiting and we’re going to learn a few things about her and she’s also going to share her latest release Sophie’s Secret, Whispers Book 1.

Let’s dive right in :)

Welcome to What to Read Wednesday, Tara!  Thanks for visiting.  Tell us about you the person, not the author:)

After suffering with a serious illness, I’ve become somewhat of a holistic health nut and am feeling much better through natural treatment. I’m an advocate for natural health and wellness and help run a support group for others with thyroid disease. I have a wonderfully supportive husband and we have a beautiful little girl. We love to swim, fish and vacation anywhere there’s sun and sand.

I love that you took control in your treatment, Tara!  Very…

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Le Grande Announcement

I’m back from my wild adventure on the Welsh coast.  Tenby may never be the same and neither will I.

Beautiful beaches, friendly people, delicious food, and the best coffee EVER.  (Seriously, if you ever visit Tenby, Wales check out Caffe Vista.  The coffee will make you drool with joy.  Trust me.)  What more can a girl ask for?
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Writer Wednesday: Zombies and Humor

Let’s face it.  In a zombie apocalypse you’re going to need your sense of humor.  It’s one of the few things that will keep you from going stark raving mad.  That and a lifetime supply of chocolate.  But I digress.

I have with me today a woman who knows very well the power of humor.  Please welcome the ever fabulous PJ Jones!

SM: Hey! It’s PJ Jones, Queen of Parody. Thanks so much for joining me today. You know how I love me some zombies! Even more, I love to Squee myself silly.  Let me start by asking you a few random questions so we can get to know you a little better.
1): What’s your all-time favorite thing to eat?

Chocolate Nachos

PJ: Nachos and chocolate. I still haven’t figured out how to combine the two.

SM: Oh, really?  I got a recipe for you.  Let’s talk …
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Mythos Monday: Hounds of Hell

I’m off to the Welsh coast tomorrow for a long deserved bit of R & R.  I just need to wash the little gray cells out with some good, fresh, salt air.  

Naturally, with Wales on the brain, I thought I’d dredge up some Welsh zombie myths (what with it being zombie month and all), but nary a one was to be found.  I did, however, find the myth of the hellhound.
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Survival Saturday: The Biker Look Isn’t Just For Bikers

We all know leather is smexy.  Leather pants, leather jackets, leather boots, yes please!  But all that letter is good for more than just Harley riding, in a zombocalypse, it might just save your life.

Ever try biting through leather?  No?  Well, next time you see a big, hairy biker, try chomping through his jacket.  Not easy, is it?  Won’t be easy for zombies, either.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Fantastical Friday: The Best Laid Plans

As usual, I love to start a Friday with a good video.


I was watching this video on Youtube during breakfast.  I don’t recommend doing that unless you want your screen covered in oatmeal.  Just sayin’.

I really want to vote for the dude in the hat with the glitter.  ‘Cause seriously, who DOESN’T want a free pony?

In other news, PJ Jones has a new book coming out next week: Attack of the Fairytale Zombies.

I started reading this the other night and HOLY CARP it’s hilarious!  If you need a good laugh, be sure and pick up a copy of this book.  Just don’t drink anything while you’re reading it.  Again, you’ve been warned.

David Gaughran is throwing a HUGE St. Patrick’s day sale this weekend.  Loads of fantastic books (Including Dragon Warrior by yours truly) are just 99 cents.  These books are normally $2.99 to $4.99 so talk about a major deal!

Don’t forget, this is the last day you can enter the Celtic Cross T-Shirt Giveaway over at the Eclective.  Tomorrow we announce the lucky winner.  Even better?  The Celtic Collection is absolutely FREE today and tomorrow!

And in other news, Dragon Lord’s release has been slightly delayed.  Instead of the last week of March, it will now be out the first week or so in April.  I’ll keep you posted on the exact release date as soon as I know myself.

In the meantime have a fantastical Friday and I’ll see ya on the flip side!