Mythos Monday: More Angels and Aliens

By now you’ve probably figured out that not only am I obsessed with Ancient Aliens, but that I’m also obsessed with the supernatural in general and the theory that much of what we view as the “supernatural” could be explained by, well, aliens.

Granted, this is not the only theory I find fascinating, but it sure is a fun one.  Especially in light of a new series I’m working on which involves … you guessed it!  Angels and aliens.  Or rather, angels that are aliens.  But I digress.

The other night I was watching Ancient Aliens: Angels and Aliens and, as usual, found myself glued to the screen.  I mean, we’ve talked about the Nephilim (the Watchers) before and how they got their hey nonny nonny on with human chicks and caused a ruckus, but what about other angelic visitors?  Could what history describes as angels really be a mistaken interpretation of visitors from another world?

After all, the original Hebrew word that was translated to mean “angel” in fact means “messenger”.  The original Greek word translated to mean “angel” in fact means simply “intermediary.”  Hmmm … that’s a bit different.  Could these “messengers” really have just been intermediaries between the “head aliens” and humans?

Could the depiction of angelic wings really just be symbols to say these beings could fly?  And not with actual wings, but with some advanced technology perhaps similar to today’s jet packs?

I mean, look at it.  You can’t tell me that doesn’t look like a pair of wings sprouting out of that guy’s back.  Especially to early humans who had never seen an airplane before.

Could the various “angelic visitations” noted throughout history and religion really have been visitations of another kind?

If so, what about the “angelic visitations” that still go on today?  Are the aliens still here?  Still interfering in the lives of humans for good or ill?  Now there’s some food for thought.  Or at least the start to a really good story …

What do you think?  Angels or aliens?

And just for kicks, here’s part of the episode I was watching, Ancient Aliens: Angels & Aliens:

Fantastical Friday: Of Dentistry, True Love, and Murderous Rampages

It’s Friday once again and it’s been far too long since we had a dose of Sassy Gay Friend.  So, without further ado, SGF meets King Henry VIII.

Cracks me up every time.

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Do you know who’s fabulous?  George Takei is fabulous.  Oh, yes, we all know him as the sword-wielding Sulu from Star Trek, but his fabulousness goes beyond.  If you’re not following him on Facebook already, you MUST!  You will laugh your butt off every day.  Guaranteed.

That is SO Takei!

Oh, and this is exciting!  My friend and fellow author Heather Marie Adkins has released a brand new YA paranormal, Heaven Below, under her pen name, Nolia McCarty.  

Hate is what drives mankind, but have you ever stopped to consider that one day, love will be our salvation?

When sixteen-year-old Kelli McNeil sets into motion an ancient prophecy from an extinct civilization, memories of past lives return to her. As the dreams intensify, Kelli discovers that she is the answer to the renewal of her lost race and without her, her kind will never rise again. 

In every memory and dream is a man: Sebastian, whom she loves…and fears. When she meets him in the present-day, Kelli can’t help but fall for the man she feels she’s always known. But there is more to it than love and the fate of her people. Because in every incarnation, Bastian isn’t only her true love—he’s also her murderer.

And that’s all she wrote.  I’m off to the dentist.  Wish me luck!

Have a happy Friday.  See you on the flip side.

Writer Wednesday: Forever’s Not Enough

Some people love them.  Some people hate them.  Some people could go either way.  I am firmly in the “love” camp.

I’m talking book series.

When I find a story that’s well written, enjoyable, and with brilliant world building and real characters, I want to read more.  One book simply isn’t enough.  There’s nothing worse than reading a book oozing with series potential only to find out it’s a stand alone.  ARRRRGH!

I guess this is also why I prefer to write series.  Once I create a world, I want to stay there awhile.  Have a sit down and visit with the characters.

So, I’d like to share with you some of my all-time favorite series.  And, of course, since it’s me we’re talking about, they’ve all got something sci-fi or paranormal going on with them.

The Tripods by John Christopher pretty much started me off in the post-apocalyptic direction.  This brilliant trilogy (it’s a quadrilogy now) takes place in the near future and follows a young teenager as he joins an underground resistance movement against an alien race which has enslaved mankind.

Aliens?  Yes, please!

The Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh is the kind of series that gets my juices flowing.  It’s sexy, it’s action packed, and I never ever want it to end.  Angels, vampires, murder, and mayhem.  What’s not to like?  Singh has another series out which is also fabulous, but this one is my favorite.

The Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger is all that is good and wonderful about steampunk.  They are novels of vampires, werewolves, and parasols.  And, of course, manners, tea, and steam engines.  Honestly, they make me giddy just reading them!

I honestly couldn’t tell you which is my favorite series by Norah WilsonDix Dodd (written as NL Wilson) or her Vampire Romance series.  Dix Dodd is like an older, wiser, crazier Stephanie Plum with all the freshness of the early Plum books.  The vampire books are smoldering, sexy, and did I mention sexy?

Stephany Simmons rocks my world with her Lian and Figg series.  I loved, loved, LOVED her first novella, Voodoo Dues, and I just downloaded the next book in the series, Vampire Blues.  Seriously, these books are such a unique voice in the urban fantasy/paranormal romance genre.  I love how Simmons tells the entire story in first person, but from the perspectives of both Lian and Figg.  Doesn’t sound like it will work, but it totally does.  Plus the too make a ridiculously cute couple, if you ask me.

And last, but by no means least, Jack Wallen’s Fringe Killer series totally rocks my socks.  I love his other series, but this one creeps me out, freaks me out, and makes me want to lock my doors (as if I don’t already) and keep a shotgun under my bed.

These are the kinds of series I could just keep reading FOREVER.  The kind I could seriously stalk the authors down if they ever stopped writing (That’s a joke.  Not planning to stalk anyone.  Yet).

What are your favorite book series and why?  What series could you read over and over?

Mythos Monday: The Flood

Lately I’ve found myself fascinated by tales of the The Great Deluge.  That apocalypse of early man that wiped out life as we knew it, and started everything over from Day One.  

If you grew going to Sunday School like I did, you probably know the tale.  Just in case you don’t, it goes something like this:

God is mad because people are evil, so He decides to end humanity.  Well, mostly.  He finds one good man, Noah, among all the bad men.  God tells Noah to build a giant boat and get himself, his family, and a bunch of animals onto the boat.  Everybody thinks Noah is nuts because they’ve never seen rain before, let alone a flood. Then God floods the entire world killing EVERYTHING except the people and animals on the boat.  So all the naughty people learn their lesson, but far too late.  And Noah and his family start the world over again.  The end.

Granted, that’s a simplistic telling, but that’s the basics of the Biblical version of the Flood.  Thing is, that unlike many tales from the Christian Bible, there isn’t just one tale of the Flood.  Nearly every ancient civilization in the world has a Flood story.  The earliest written story comes from Sumeria.

In the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, several gods form a secret plan to create a great food.  But the god Ea is a good god, so he tells a man called Utnapishtim to demolish his house and build a boat.  So, Utnapishtim does what he’s told, then right before the appointed time for the flood, he loads into the boat all his relatives, the animals he has, the craftsmen who helped build the boat, and anything and everything else he can.  Then he seals the door.  Six days of horrible storms and floods destroy the land and turn all the people into clay (except those in the boat).  Finally on the seventh day the storms quiet and the people on the boat find land.  They are the only ones left in the whole world.  Because of his faith, Ea awards Utnapishtim and his wife with immortality and takes them into the heavens.

The Chinese have their own flood myth, as do many countries in Africa, South America, Asia.  It’s such a universal tale, there has to be something behind it, doesn’t there?

The experts say yes.  Except the experts can’t decide what that “something” is.

Some say that the “Great Flood” was really just an ancient flood, much like what we saw in 2004 with the tsunami.  This flooding covered a large area of land (the most heavily occupied at that time) and killed many thousands of people.  That it was such a horrific experience, our ancient primitive ancestors saw it as an apocalyptic event and that it covered “the whole world” – but only as they saw it.

Others believe the Biblical account of the entire world actually being covered in water and a small number of people and animals surviving on a boat is a literal one.  That this happened exactly as described in the Bible right down to the ark building.  

Still others believe that pre-flood, the world was highly technologically advanced.  Perhaps even more so than it is now.  And that through perhaps some kind of cataclysmic technological meltdown, those ancient advanced civilizations destroyed the planet.  That a few of them managed to escape and rebuild civilization and that is not only where we get our flood stories, but also tales of advanced civilizations and vanished continents such as Atlantis.

And then there are the Ancient Alien theorist that believe the “gods” were really aliens mistaken for gods and that they either caused the destruction, or were aware it was about to happen.  That these aliens managed to save some portion of humanity (and animals, plant life, etc) by bringing them into their space craft to wait out the flooding.

Frankly, we’ll never know what really happened.  You can choose a theory to back either because of your spiritual faith or because you believe logically one theory makes more sense.  But the reality is, currently there is no proof.  And for me, that’s half the fun.

Why do I find the not-knowing – the speculating and theorizing – so much fun?

Because great stories come from one place …


Survival Saturday: The Twinkie Defense

Twinkies are the perfect apocalypse food.

Yeah, I know.  Crazy, right?

They may taste like chemicals, but they’re chock full of calories which you’re going to need to survive.  On top of that they’re light weight, easy to carry, and last pretty much forever.

And when they’ve gone stale you can burn them for fuel or use them as weapons against zombies/highwaymen/aliens.  Get enough force behind a fossilized Twinkie and you’re golden!

Fantastical Friday: Kindle Fire Giveaway!

It’s Friday once again, and can you think of any better way to end the week than with a giveaway?

I sure can’t!

The Eclective (of which yours truly is a member) is giving away one Kindle Fire for Valentine’s Day.  Heck of a lot better than a box of chocolates and a dozen roses, don’t you think?

Okay, maybe not better than the chocolates, but it’ll last longer.

There are lots of ways to enter, so hop over to our page and check it out!

And just for legal mumbo jumbo, this thing has nothing to do with Amazon or it’s affiliates.  We are not being compensated. The winner will be chosen at random. Blah blah blah.  Etc., etc.

Say NO to SOPA

I’m joining Wikipedia and many other websites in protesting against SOPA/PIPA.  Read more about it here.  In my opinion, the internet should not be controlled by idiots (aka politicians) who don’t even understand it or its uses.  These bills will NOT work, but they WILL infringe on our rights.

Want to write Congress and tell them what you think?  Do it here.  (There are also links for those outside the US.  This effects the ENTIRE WORLD, people, not just Americans.)

Writer Wednesday: Kreativ Blogger Awards


I’ve been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award by Craig Hallam (Thanks Craig!).  I was also nominated for a similar award by Daphnee some time back.  So, here you go, Daphnee.  Sorry for being so late. ;-)

So, the deal is I have to nominate 6 other bloggers for the KBA, and then answer 10 questions about myself which you probably didn’t know.  Maybe.

Here goes.

The nominees are:

Jack Wallen for bringing blood, glitter, and fabulousness to the world.

PJ Jones for making me laugh until I wet myself.

Gene Lempp for sharing the amazing facts and theories of history and mythology.

M. Edward McNally because when he does actually blog, he’s quite interesting an amusing.

Robyn Porter because she loves the paranormal as much as I do.

L. M. Pruitt because she is my critique partner and would totally kick my ass if I didn’t include her.  Also, you gotta love a woman who blogs about books AND food.

Now, on to the ten things you (probably) didn’t know about me.  Well, some of you may know them, but most people don’t.

1.  The very first story I can really remember writing (in its entirety) was called “Paul and I Are Pirates”.  It was (badly) illustrated by yours truly with magic markers and held a very suspicious resemblance to The Swiss Family Robinson complete with pirates and booby traps.  It even had a pink construction paper cover.  I’m pretty sure my mother still has it hidden away somewhere.  Hopefully in a very dark hole.

2.  In grade school and Jr. High I played the French horn.  I was even in a snazzy youth orchestra.  I quit because I got ridiculously bored and wanted to learn to play piano instead.  The French horn is still one of my favorite instruments.

3.  I love the sound of bagpipes.

4.  I am a trained massage therapist.  Went to school, was licensed, and everything.  I no longer practice as a job, but I do give friends and family free treatments occasionally.  Because I’m nice like that.

5.  I once dated an actual Rocket Scientist.  Do you have any idea how many great jokes I get out of that?

6.  I used to have a secret yearning to be a hippie driving around in a VW van, playing my guitar, and camping on the beach.  Except I hate camping.  I can’t play guitar.  And hygiene is important.

7.  My recipe for brownies was published in a cookery book here in the UK: Cook Yourself Thin On A Budget.  As you might have guessed, this was for a low-fat brownie recipe.  But they’re still ridiculously moist and delicious and pretty much my go-to dessert when I need a chocolate fix.

8.  I’m an introvert.  While I don’t mind the occasional party or outing into the City and often come off as being very outgoing and bubbly, I’m actually quite shy and prefer to be alone most of the time.  I could easily be a crazy cat lady living in the middle of the forest.  Only minus the cats since I’m allergic.

9.  I actually tried haggis once.  Not only is it as vile tasting as it sounds, it smells even worse.

10. My idea of success is being able to afford to pay someone else to clean your house.

So, probably none of that surprised you overmuch.  But it was good fun anyway. :-)

What’s a fun fact about you?

Mythos Monday: The Nephilim – Angels or Aliens?

“When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them,

The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.

Then the LORD said, “My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days will be a hundred and twenty years.”

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them.

They were the heroes of old, men of renown.” – Genesis 6: 1 – 4

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been hearing about the mysterious Nephilim ever since I was a kid in Sunday School.  And, frankly, they fascinated me.  I mean, why wouldn’t they?       These mysterious “sons of God” (sometimes called “Sons of Heaven”) coming down to marry the “daughters of man.”  Kind of romantic, don’t you think?

But who were the Nephilim?

Well, if you listen to most modern day churches (at least the ones I spent any time in), the Nephilim were “fallen angels” sent to earth for being naughty.  I’m not sure how sending them to earth was going to solve anything.  All it did was make them more naughty.  I mean, they were all making the sexy (GASP!).  With girls (GASP!).  And having babies and stuff. SHOCKING!

Pretty indicative of the Puritanical foundations of my fair country and it’s churches, if you ask me.  Making the sexy = BAD.  Therefore God had to go and smash everything like a child having a temper tantrum.

Maybe some will call that sacrilegious, but it makes no sense to me.  What does make a little more sense are passages in the Book of Enoch and the Book of Jubilee.  European churches tossed these books out ages ago as being of “questionable origin.”  (Erm, excuse me, aren’t ALL the books of the Bible of rather questionable origin?  Unless you’re a several thousand year-old creature who was THERE when they were being written.  No?)

In any case, according to these books, the Nephilim weren’t necessarily fallen angels, but rather “Watchers.”  Those charged with keeping an eye on humanity.  Some think they were already here on Earth when they first cast eyes on sexy human women, while others believe that they chose to leave heaven and go against the dictates of “the god” in order to be with these beautiful women (Not a lot of women in heaven, apparently).

Whichever way you want to go, the end result was that the Nephilim (Watchers) ended up making the sexy with human females and having giant children who were insanely greedy and violent, not to mention cannibals.

Not good.

Even worse, the Nephilim taught humans the arts of sorcery and war.  Niiiiice.  Of course, they also taught useful things like astronomy and the movements of the moon and tides.  Good stuff.  So, I guess you could say there were good Nephilim and bad Nephilim.  But eventually the humans called out to God (though in some instances it’s claimed the good angels called God’s attention to the FUBAR) and God saved humanity by, uh, killing them.  With a flood.  A flood which killed off everyone but Noah and his family (because he was a good man and didn’t go around fornicating), but unfortunately left some of the Nephilim still alive.

Yeah, that worked out well.  Because we’re so peaceful and stuff now.

But this is not the end of the theories on the Nephilim.

According to the Ancient Astronaut theory, the Nephilim were actually not angels at all, but alien beings.  Only instead of making the sexy, they were running some kind of hybrid breeding program.  The giants (and other weird creatures of mythology) were early experiments gone badly awry.

You can see how our ancient ancestors would mistake aliens for gods or angles.  I mean, they had SPACESHIPS, for crying out loud.  They were powerful in ways that couldn’t be explained with the knowledge of the time and so it was considered “magic” instead of the advanced technology and science it really was.  Therefore, perfectly ordinary beings became gods.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

-Arthur C. Clarke

So, what is the truth?

Were Nephilim bad angels sent to earth as punishment?  Were they Watchers who fell in love and chose to leave?  Or were they beings from another world?  “Sons of Heaven” in the literal sense.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as theories and opinions go.

Either way, it’s an interesting little side-note in the annals of our history.  One I wish they’d spent a little more time on.

Can you imagine the stories a writer could get out of that tiny little bit of information?  A forbidden romance between an angel and a human.  A bloodthirsty conflict between two warring angel races with humans caught in the middle.  Aliens visiting earth for mysterious purposes.

Oh, yeah, lots of fodder.

What’s your theory?