Fantastical Friday: G & T, Killer Bees, and American Gothic

Okay, boys and girls, pour yourselves a big old G & T and let’s celebrate.  It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!

By now you’re all fairly familiar with my apocalyptic obsession.  But one should never go boldly into the apocalypse without a little humor.

See.  It’s not so bad.  The news anchors will buy it first giving us all plenty of time to escape the aliens.  Or zombies.  Or killer bees.  Or whatever.

But don’t worry.  The apocalypse won’t start today.  We’ve got until December 2012.  So, before you rush out to stock up on Twinkies and Gatorade, check out Morgan’s interview on Reality Skimming.  That’s right, Morgan finally got her chance to do something besides dust vamps and slay demons.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, I’ve been reading some good stuff lately.  First off, I finished Colleen Gleason’s The Shop of Shades and Secrets.  My understanding is that this series of hers is entirely indie.  Which is totally cool as she’s a big name in the trad pubbed world.  I guess you could consider the novel a modern American Gothic.  It’s fun.  It’s spooky.  It’s romantic.

I also re-read PJ Jones’s Romance Novel.  What can I say?  I was in hospital and I needed something to cheer me up.  This certainly did the trick.  It’s a hilarious parody of Twilight (among other things).  It’s raunchy.  It’s naughty.  It’s laugh-out-loud funny.

Well, folks, that’s all she wrote.  Until tomorrow when the Supernatural rises again …

Writer Wednesday: We Now Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming …

Well, sort of.

I must apologize for missing Mythos Monday this week.  I have a really good excuse.  No honest.  It’s excellent.

I was in hospital.

That’s how we say it here in the UK.  Not “I was in the hospital”, but “I was in hospital.”  Oh, the vagaries of the English language.

But I digress.

It was a planned procedure.  No biggie.  Okay, it was kind of a biggie, but not that biggie of a biggie.  If you know what I mean.  Anyway, getting out of the hospital took longer than I planned and therefore no Mythos Monday.  Don’t worry, I’ll come back to it next week.

In the meantime, check out this grilling of the fabulous Heather Marie Adkins (Winner of the local Reader’s Choice Awards in Louisville) who just launched a couple of new books.  And who also, apparently, turns herself into a cat when she writes.  Who knew?  She’s also darn funny so check it out.


If you haven’t picked up a copy of The Indie Eclective’s The Halloween Collection, do it now!  Nine fantastic stories by nine fantastic authors.  Best of all? It’s totally free.  Also on the ‘Zon UK!

In other news, edits for Dragon Warrior have been slightly delayed due to my surgery, but not to worry!  It will still be released in October.  Just probably closer to the end of October.  I know.  Boo and Hiss.  I promise I’ll get right back to those edits just as soon as I’ve recovered a little more.


So, for now it’s back to bed for me.  I’ve got a little Adam Garcia (Go, CSI: Miami!) to keep me company.  Now THAT’S how a girl recuperates!


Fantastical Friday: Book Trailer Parodies, Montage of Awesome, and More Free Stuff!

Honestly, this has got to be one of the funniest “book trailers” I’ve ever seen.  From paranormal romance author Ilona Andrews, check it out:

That totally made me want to buy the book.  And I already own it.  Talk about SQUEE your pants funny!

And while I’m talking about it, check out my friend PJ Jones’s new website.  It really is SQUEE YOUR PANTS FUNNY!

Continuing on the Montage of Awesome, Gene Lempp takes us on a tour of Cyprus Designing the Bones style.  There’s some serious world building goodness in there!

The fabulous Heather Marie Adkins has an amazing post today  in which she speaks candidly of the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, her faith and her books.  Check it out, it’s worth the read.

I heart Gail Carriger’s paranormal steampunk romance series and her blog rocketh my world.  Check out today’s character study.  Now that’s a lady who knows how to pull off a Montage of Awesome!

And speaking of steampunk, I’m all a-SQUEE that one of my fave authors, Ms. Ann Aguirre, and her hubby will be writing a brand new series full of steampunky goodness called BRONZE GODS.  Granted with the wait of trad pub, I probably won’t get to read them for two years, but what the heck.

In the meantime, how about I put a little FREE in your Friday!

A forgotten city buried beneath the earth.  A race of mysterious beings.  A woman with psychic powers.  Mystery, murder and romance.  What’s not to like?  Check out Underneath by Heather Marie Adkins.  Absolutely FREE over on Smashwords!

If you haven’t seen Eddie’s shorts, you need to see them NOW!  Even better, they’re free on the Zon!  Eddie’s Shorts – Volume 2 by M. Edward McNally.  Who can resist a title like Drain Bamage?

If you go for raunchy humor, check out Naughty Little Schnitzel by the hilariously witty PJ Jones.  (And yes, it’s about a wanna-be porn star.  You’ve been warned!)  Prefer a little more paranormal and a little less porn star?  Check out Melvin the Dry Cleaning Zombie.  Both are absolutely FREE on Smashwords.

And as if that weren’t enough, how about a little supernatural thrillfest.  Check out The Unnatural by Alan Nayes.  Once more, totally FREE.

TGIF, baby!


Writer Wednesday: From the Mind of a Super Evil Genius

Welcome to Writer Wednesday and boy have I got a treat for you!  Please give a warm welcome to Lizzy Ford, my Indie Eclective peep and a True Super Evil Genius.

Now, Lizzy, as my most recent victim, ahem, I’ve got a few scintillating questions my readers are dying to know.  Ready?

Woohoo, yes!

I am very familiar with your plans for World Domination.  Tell me, when did you first decide that ruling the world as a true Super Evil Genius was right for you?  (Did I say Super Evil Genius?  I meant writer.  WRITER!)

I decided to take over the world when I was 6, when Jade and Randy (you’re both still on my list!) pushed me down and called me fat.  No normal revenge as dreamed up by an introverted 6 year old would be good enough to regain my honor, so I stewed for days, trying to figure out what to do.  Finally, I decided to take over the world, because only then could I exact my revenge.  However, it wasn’t until I was about 9 that I figured out how: by becoming a writer.  I wrote a brilliant expose about stars, and from then on, I knew my calling.

You are obviously targeting the world’s youth.  Why YA?

Aside from building an army of rabid fan minions to do my evil bidding? 

The funny thing is I initially advertised my books as sweet paranormal romances.  I wasn’t sure if there was much of a market for them, but they’re what I prefer to read.   My books started ending up on YA lists and ‘also-boughts,’ and the demographic of those leaving me comments on my website were mostly women under the age of 20.  Some of the comments I received were from moms who then shared the books with their teenage daughters.  The YA audience also had one other major thing going for them: they tend to prefer technological communication, whether via social media, reading on their phones/computers, or simply willing to talk to me via my website.  I think the Millennial Generation has less inhibition about reaching out to potential Evil Geniuses and also tend to leave more (positive) reviews.

I figured – my books fit the YA/mature teen market as well as the paranormal romance market, so why not embrace them, train them, and unleash them on the ebook world to carry my message forward?

Your rise to fame and fortune has been meteoric.  Do you have any “supernatural” assistance in this imminent take over?  Is that why you write fantasy, to appease your supernatural overlords?  Or is there a Darker Purpose …

It’s the aliens.  Ever since I started watching the “Ancient Aliens” series, I’ve become convinced they are the ones implanting the stories – actually the histories of their various races – into my head.  They also help me find my keys when I lose them.  Their main goal is to install me as a leader, since I know and understand them, and I can usher in a new age of fear … er, I mean, hope and happy stuff for the human race.

On a serious note, I do derive a great deal of inspiration from my dreams.  I’m an active dreamer, and many of my stories start in my dreams. 

How strange.  I get many of my ideas from dreams, too.  Does that mean I might also carry the Super Evil Genius gene?  Hmmm … (PS love Ancient Aliens)

Tell me more about your New World Order.  (Ooops.  I mean the Rhyn Trilogy.)  Will there be more?  Or is three enough for Total Domination?

Ha!  My poor readers are begging for me not to stop at three books for the Rhyn series.  I didn’t expect this series to be so popular; I almost didn’t release Katie’s Hellion (book one), because I thought it was awful.  Shows how good my Super Evil Genius judgment is!  I’ve done one short story on one of the popular characters in the series, and I may do another short story prior to the release of “Rhyn’s Redemption” (book three) in March. 

I’ll tell you a secret only two others (and the aliens) know: I’m going to write a fourth book for release in late autumn 2012 about Gabriel, the death dealer. 

(Sorry, I have to interject for a moment of SQUEE here.  I heart Gabriel and I am sooo thrilled!  Every since I read your short story in the Indie Eclective The Halloween Collection I’ve NEEDED more Gabriel.  Ahem.  Onwards.)

I think the reason this series has gone over well is because I put the characters through Hell.  Literally – two of them go to Hell.  As their Evil Overlord, I place them in situations where they only have unfavorable choices – and I force them to make a choice anyway.  In Real Life, nothing is perfect, and things don’t always work out the way we want – but we’re still forced to deal with it.  I think that dash of reality – combined with a paranormal setting and a sprinkle of hope – has resounded with my audience.  The depth of the connection between readers and the lead character in this series, Rhyn, has humbled me.

I had one reader tell me she loved Rhyn – the half-demon, half -Immortal – because she had bipolar depression.  She could relate to someone like Rhyn, who wanted to do what was right, but who wasn’t able to control his powers and usually ended up screwing up, which resulted in him being written off by the other Immortals because of it.  Another reader told me she hoped one day Rhyn realized that even he was worthy of being loved, and another who favored Rhyn because the reader himself was always the oddball that few people understood.

I’ve received a ton of comments like these, and they’re incredible insights.  Sometimes, as an author, it’s easy to forget that every ‘sale’ is a person.  These types of comments remind me of that, and they also show me I’ve created something beyond the mainstream trashy paranormal romance novels where characters and plots are often chucked and replaced with sex scenes.


Do you have any other projects in the works?

Zillions of them!  My other popular series, the War of Gods/Damian series, is an ongoing project.  I’m revamping the first two books, which were written before I had an editor.  In Dec, I’ll release book 3 (“Damian’s Immortal”) in this series, then in May 2012, book 4 (“The Grey God.”)

I’ll also be launching another trilogy in late December, contributing to about three more anthologies this fall, releasing “A Demon’s Desire” in October, and I’ve got a few single titles in the works or planned for the next 12 months.  I’m putting together my publishing schedule for next year.  I asked my fans what they want me to write, and I’ve had an overwhelming demand for a sequel to one of my books, “Kiera’s Moon,” which I wrote as a single title and released in August.

Finally, I’ll be doing a Book-on-Demand experiment next year, where readers vote on what they want me to write (genre, characters, setting, etc.), then I write them a book based off the highest votes.

Oh, my WORD that’s an awesome, scary idea.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

What’s your favorite thing about Ruling the World? (Er, I mean being a writer?)

Being allowed to use the full extent of my Super Evil Genius mind powers!  I’m a smart cookie, but I don’t conform well, because I tend to think for myself.  In every job I’ve ever had, people have been thrilled to channel my super evil brain powers in the way they wanted.  I solve their problems, help them plan, and don’t care if they take the credit – I have no ego.  Then, I start pointing out things they don’t want to hear or are politically sensitive in the office, and I start channeling my brain onto topics/ideas that the bosses want to avoid.  As an Evil Overlord, I don’t have to worry about these types of politics.  I can free my mind and create fantastic new worlds without being punished for it. 

What are your feelings on dragons?

I love dragons!  One of my old manuscripts I started a few years ago has dragons.  I want to dig it out next year and finish it.  I used to write about dragons all the time when I was little, and I used to try to draw them, too, which was an absolute disaster, since I can’t draw.


I love chocolate, too!  The center of the earth isn’t filled with lava – it’s filled with chocolate.  (According to the aliens.)

Lizzy, thanks so much for gracing us lowly mortals with your presence.

Thank you, Shea, and I’m looking forward to Dragon Wars! 

For more info on Lizzy’s books, go here.

(PS.  The ebook of Katie’s Hellion is FREE!  And so are several of Lizzy’s other books.  Yay for FREE!)

You can buy Lizzy’s books on:




Amazon UK




Mythos Monday: Aloha Hawaii!


As ya’ll know I’m fascinated by mythologies and legends from many cultures. But while most of us are focused on Egypt or Greek, there’s somewhere a lot closer to home. It’s a place steeped in legend, populated by gods, rich in cultural heritage. It’s one of my favorite places on earth.


Rather than ramble on about something of which I know not, I thought I’d send you on over to this wonderfully detailed post about Hawaiian mythology. And while you’re at it, check out his other posts, too.

You never know who might pop up …

THE TOP ELEVEN DEITIES IN HAWAIIAN MYTHOLOGY  Hawaiian mythology as a subset of Polynesian mythology will be the subject I tackle here. I will be examining many of the Polynesian Island groups separately in the near future, some with full pages of their own, but to whet everyone's appetites I figured I would start out with a Top 11 list looking at the major Hawaiian deities.  NEW – This list was so popular I did a sequel with eleven more Hawaiian deities – when you're done with this list cl … Read More

via Balladeer's Blog

Supernatural Saturday: Superpowers!

Before we get started on today’s supernatural awesomeness, why not have a quick poke in at Mark Williams’s blog where yours truly is guest starring.  We’re talking New Frontiers, baby!

Let’s face it.  Having superpowers is awesome.  Which man at there has not, at some point, wished he had x-ray vision?  Hmmmm???  Which woman the power to read minds (specifically the minds of the male of the species)?

Personally, next time they’re handing out superpowers, I’m totally getting teleportation.  I mean imagine, not having to climb into a flying tin can every time you want to go some where.  Or worse, a car.  Late for work?  BOOM!  Have a hankering for proper Spanish chirizo?  No problem.  Ran out of your favorite Italian wine right in the middle of dinner?  Or fancy lounging on the beach in the Bahamas on your lunch hour?  Well, you get my point.

The problem is, of course, that superpowers can so easily be abused.  Here is a very important instructional video on the proper use of super powers:

So, tell me, what superpower would YOU want to have?

Fantastical Friday: Zombies, Cooking, and FREE Stuff!

TGIF, baby!

There is some good stuff around the interwebs today!

Bloggy Goodness:

Gene Lempp is blogging about the history of cooking.  I love my food and I love cooking. Can you imagine what our lives would be like without the ability to cook and create the marvelous dishes that exist today?  Not one of my favorite parts of the impending zombie apocalypse.  Thank goodness I learned to cook a three course meal on a campfire.  Hopefully the cows won’t turn zombie.

Video Goodness:

And speaking of cooking and zombies, check out this wonderfully clever little video.  You know, just in case you were wondering how a zombie orders take out.

There.  Now don’t you feel enlightened?  I know I do!

Book Goodness:

Of course we mustn’t forget this week’s Friday Book Club!

I just finished reading Jesse Petersen’s hilarious Flip this Zombie. Pick up a copy.  You won’t regret it.  The zombie apocalypse has never been more fun!

It has, however, been cheaper!  Sorry, Jesse, but Jack Wallen’s I Zombie I is now FREE.  That’s right, people.  You heard me.  Er, read me.  FREE.

If you need a good zombie apocalypse read (And frankly, who doesn’t?), pick up Jack’s book FREE on Amazon or Smashwords.  Even better, the sequel will be out soon.  SQUEE!

Not enough zombie reads for you?  Try THIS on for size!  Melvin the Dry Cleaning  Zombie by PJ Jones is just 99 cents on the Zon.  It’s a hilarious short zombie parody and comes with the bonus read Vampire Shoe Warehouse.  Even better?  It’s FREE on Smashwords!

Not into zombies?  Well, how about some elves.  Elves are good, right?  Here’s one more FREEBIE for you, Julia Crane’s YA In The Mind of Thaddeus.  It’s totally FREE on Smashwords.

Who loves ya, baby?

Writer Wednesday: Why she calls me Dragon

Got something new and exciting for ya’ll on this fabulous Writer Wednesday.  Instead of just one writer, I want to introduce you to a man who knows a plethora of writers, Albert Robbins III.  Albert runs a fantastic book review site and is very supportive of indie authors.

Go Albert!

Albert very kindly agreed to write a guest post today.  And what better post than one about dragons.  Carry on, Albert!

Why She Calls Me Dragon

by Albert Robbins III

So here I am invited onto Clan MacLeod’s (I love Highlander) blog and I must say thanks for the oppurtunity. Now that I have been gracious, may I entertain you?

For me one of the greatest Dragon based series of all time is The Inheritance Series (Cycle). I say this knowing that there are several Dragon stories to choose from and that there are going to be opinions from both sides but this is about mine. So ha!

So we start with Eragon.

The first in the series introduces us to the cast of characters and this majestic world that we know (okay wish) exists. One where a Dragonrider finds his Dragon moreso the other way around and danger isnow at every turn. We get a chance to understand and connect with the characters and whoosh off we go. Then of course along comes “Box Office” and throws out a less than stellar (trash) movie to try and rake in the $$$ behind a breakout book. Yes I still watch the movie but I still find myself irritated by some parts.

Now on to Eldest.

At the end of Eragon we were happy as he defeated the Dark Sorcerer and freed the rebels but now Eldest comes along and throughs us back into despair and distrust. We read through the pages just looking for a way to help Eragon and Saphira but alas we must wait and let them find the path. A perfect followup to the masterpiece that was and even more reason Christopher experienced the fortune and fame that befell him.

Bring on Brisingr.

So we have helped (by reading we help right) Eragon and Saphira free the rebels (Eragon) and escape with their lives (Eldest), we should be done right. No, this is not the way of a Dragonrider, this is not adventure, we do not lay on the sidelines and wait for action. No, we cross the empire and swear help to all and spread ourselves to the breaking point and and and and…. Whew, let’s catch a breath. Now, let’s live up to our name and do the good we were meant to do. Learn some magic (by some I mean more than we thought), let’s stand up for everyone (The Varden, Elves, Dwarves and don’t forget cousin Roran). By the end of this we will need a vacation.

And now the long awaited Inheritance.

This will be the final chapter and I can not wait. 11/08/2011


What does any of the proceeding blabber have to do with the title of this post?

Absolutely nothing!

I chose the title for one simple fact and here it is. My wife (RJ Palmer) woke up one day from a nap and told me of a dream she had. This dream as it turned out had been an erotic dream (yay me). The dream had also had me in it (yay me again). The dream was indeed about me (in the words of Shea – SQUEEE). This is that dream.

She had dreamt that I was a red scaly dragon flying about. I came down to where she stood and morphed into myself, yet I still had red scaly wings. We then made love for however long it was and she told me that Dragons mate for life. Just as we were finishing she woke up and that my friends is why she calls me Dragon.

Red scaly dragons are full of AWESOME!  Thanks for sharing that fantastic story with us!  I certainly enjoyed it.

Ya’ll can catch Albert’s book reviews (and discover a multitude of new authors) here:

Free Book Reviews –

The Nation News –
The Nation Forum –

Mythos Monday: Everything’s Better with …. Djinn?

Lesser than angels.  Greater than humans.  Made of smokeless flame, scorching fire.  They are the djinn.


Also called jinn or genies.


And no, I’m not talking about some big blue guy who’ll grant you three wishes if you run his tummy.  I’m talking about the real McCoy.

Jinn are said to be creatures of free will, like humans, yet made of smokeless fire rather than clay.  And just like humans, they can be evil, good, or indifferent.

The djinn are, under normal circumstances, completely invisible to humans.  Fortunately, we are also nearly invisible to them.  Coming to the attention of the djinn does not always bode well.

Djinn  can travel around the world at mind blowing speed, flashing from continent to continent in mere seconds.  They prefer the remote places of the earth: mountains, seas, and deserts.

According to some, djinn are responsible for much of what humans perceive as “magic”.  Of course we know that’s not true.  That would be the sidhe.  Djinn prefer to remain hidden, for the most part.

Yet every once in awhile, one of the djinn will no longer be content with his (or her) lot in life and will force himself into the realm of humans.  Such a djinni may take perverse pleasure in punishing unwitting humans for imagined slights.  Or worse, he may lure them into the desert to feast on their flesh and take the power of their souls as his own.

Not to worry.  Should you fall foul of such a creature, he will face his comeuppance on Judgement Day.

Not that you’ll be around to see it …