Writer Wednesday: A God By Any Other Name

And so, my friends, the IWU Blog Tour returns once again.  This time bringing with it the estimable Athanasios.  (Told you I had a thing for Greek gods.)
First and most important, if you were a Star Trek® (or Star Wars®) character, which one would it be and why? 

I would be Lord Palpatine or as mos know him, the Emperor. As to why, besides the

obvious that HE’S THE EMPEROR, he defeated ALMOST ALL the Jedi and nearly ruled the whole galaxy.

You make a fair point.  As long as, you know, the whole EVIL thing doesn’t bother you.  Then again, I guess the EVIL things sort of depends on which side you’re on, no?  But I digress.  What’s your ideal full-time job (apart from writing)?

Benevolent dictator of my own city state. Oh we’re not still in flights of fancy? Writing, illustrating & researching paranormal, historical & crack pot ideas in documentaries, books and the web. I’m nearly there.

Flights of fancy are totally acceptable.  I’ve always wanted to be a dictator.  What are you doing when you’re not writing?

Many different things. Mostly taking care of my pets, parents, home, wife, mother in law, my parents home, mother in law’s home.  I also cook, watch an abundant amount of television, movies, documentaries.  I’ve returned to reading and am now on the Song of Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin, because I just couldn’t wait to find out what happened after Game of Thrones.

You are one busy man.  My hat’s off to you, sir.  Metaphorically speaking, of course.  Describe your first book in three sentences.

This first sentence doesn’t count because it’s an explanation, I do describe my first book in 3 sentences, it’s my KDP book description.   OK 4 sentences.

Kostadino Paleologos is a descendant of Byzantine emperors and lives with honour, duty and sacrifice. Every year he returns to Istanbul and sends trapped souls to their deserved rest. The final soul in this solemn task sends him on a quest to the mythic, ancient Library of Alexandria. There he finds the Idammah-Gan Codex, a unique book which convinces him to abduct the infant Antichrist and raise him as his own. They live life on the run pursued by Satanists, Catholic Church & Dark Nobility, who want the baby back or dead.

Sorry I don’t like playing by rules.

Yes.  I realize that about you.  I notice there’s some mythological goodness in your work.  Have you always been interested in mythology?

Yes. It began when I was in grade 2 in Greece.  I’m originally from Canada but my parentsmoved back to Greece and enrolled me & my sister in school.  It was a culture shock let me tell you, but the thing that kept it from being too overwhelming was the myths taught, just as fables are taught in North America, were engrossing.  They were the reason I became so taken with religion in general.  My parents weren’t very religious, my father hurried the priest up when he was being married, so I didn’t have much instruction on the subject.  Then when I found out these myths were what my ancestors believed in as religion, I thought that since they were wrong then religion must be wrong to somebody, because nobody could agree on it. I’m rambling but it’s a good rambling, I hope.

Excuse me.  Who says they’re wrong?  Are you telling me Aphrodite isn’t real?????  (Totally explains where I’m going wrong.)  What’s up next, book-wise, for Athanasios?

Commitment. Mad Gods sequel. Adam is being courted HARD by demons summoned from hell for that express purpose.  He’s receiving tribute from serial killers and immensely deluded cult leaders who consider him their Redeemer.  He’s also being called the Final Consort to the Unified Pagan Church who believe he is to be their Redeemer, their One.  Satan, his Biblical and biological father in Hell, sends up a newly formed lord of the pits to bring Adam into the fold he was born to lead.  This new demon lord has a waiting throng of followers on earth who have been worshiping him since the fall of the Third Reich.  They believe that his return to earth heralds the Final Reich, where these Teutonic Knights will finish what they began in Germany under Hitler’s reign. All this adoration got to Adam and he just cracked, so he spends most of Commitment in an insane asylum, blithely content that at least some of his fans can’t get to him.

See, now that’s another thing I’ve always wanted: tribute from serial killers.  I better go put it on my Bucket List right now …
And now for something completely different:
Favourite flavour of ice cream?

No one favorite. I just don’t really like chocolate ice cream but most flavors are A-okay with me.

No chocolate ice cream?  I’m sorry.  I can’t talk to you anymore.
If you ruled the world, what are the first three laws you would pass?  

1. Do Onto Others as You Would Have Them Do Onto You

2. Be Humane to All Animals Even the Ugly Ones

3. Kill All the Lawyers

Good laws.  But don’t we already have those?  I’m sure “Kill all the lawyers” is part of the Ten Commandments.
If and when Armageddon strikes, what three items will you take into the fallout shelter?

A bottle of Jameson, 4 litres of Coke and a self detonating bomb.  I would drink the Jameson with the coke until completely pissed, then I would blow myself up because I wouldn’t want to go on without the distractions I’ve come to love in my life.  I include friends, family, pets and entertainment in said distractions.

Now you went and made me all depressed.  Last, but not least:
Zombies or vampires? 

Pish, vampires, no brainer.  Zombies are brainless automatons bent on eating flesh, they can’t even walk fast. Vampires are immortal, have incredibly enhanced physical capabilities and are man’s predator, what’s not to prefer them over zombies. Unless I would have to fight them, then my choice would be a complete 180, zombies over vampires.

You should really be more specific in that question.

                            Yeah, I get that a lot. 
                            You can buy Athanasios’s book here:
                            (Do it before the zombies get you.  Or the vampires.)
Amazon                  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004QOA768

Mythos Monday: The Dragons Are Coming

I’m afraid I’ve been woefully remiss in posting these last few days.  I’ve been busy with rewrites and edits on my third novel, Dragon Warrior.  

But a big fat SQUEE and huzzah!  The first draft is finally done and off to my lovely critique partner to rip to shreds.  Thank goodness for three day weekend, huh?

Dragon Warrior is the first novel of my new series The Dragon Wars.  Originally it was going to be a trilogy with the first title being Dragon Lord, but as any writer knows, characters and plots have a way of doing things you don’t expect.  So now Dragon Warrior will be the first book in the series while Dragon Lord will actually be the second book.  I’ve no clear idea of how many books will be in the series altogether, but probably at least four.

In this series, I decided to mix three of my favorite things together: dragons, post-apocalyptic fiction, and the paranormal.  Now that is one heck of a soup of awesome!

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s nothing new.  They did a dragon apocalypse in Reign of Fire.  Yes, I’ll admit I got some inspiration from that.  So, what?  I still think a dragon apocalypse is more interesting then another plague.  Sheez.  Though I admit, I still love a good zombie apocalypse.

So, I’ve sort of gone off topic, but if anyone has been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I do that sometimes.  I guess the mythos of today is my own love of randomness.

And dragons.

In any case, Dragon Warrior will be out this October.  So stay tuned!

And remember …

Everything’s better with dragons. 


Supernatural Saturday: The Lion Man (via Gene Lempp’s Blog)

I’m up to my eyeballs in rewrites for my first Dragon Wars novel, so I’m totally cheating (I’m also a day late, but who’s counting? Uh, yeah.). Today I’m re-blogging the very first edition of my mate Gene Lempp’s marvelous Designing from Bones series.

Half man, half lion? Now THAT sounds interesting …


Designing from Bones & ROW80 Update Hello everyone. Due to an unexpected family emergency, I'm unable to post anything new today. (For all the ROWer's this also means I suspended my goals for the week with ROWbro approval). Jenny Hansen of More Cowbell will be guest posting here on Friday and I hope to return Saturday with Blog Treasures. Here is the original Designing from Bones, Aurignacian Lion-Man, for those that may of missed it. Have a great week and I'll see you soon. Design … Read More

via Gene Lempp's Blog

Fantastical Friday: Chihuahuas, Black Eyed Peas, and It’s Raining Men!

First off, I’d like to dedicate this Friday’s video goodness to my fellow indie author and critique partner, PJ Jones.  One of the most hilarious movie trailers I’ve seen.  Ever.

Why on earth did I dedicate that to PJ?  Well, because PJ has written the most ridiculously hilarious Twilight parodies in creation.  Seriously.  (Just be sure to use the bathroom BEFORE reading.  Also no drinking DURING reading.  You’ve been warned.)

Reading Goodness:




I’m just finishing up reading Jack Wallen’s Shero.  I’ve got to say, it’s pretty darn fantastic.  It’s light, funny and full of superhero goodness.  It’s been a challenging week, to say the least, and spending my lunch hour with Sherowas the bright spot of my days.


I’m not sure what I’m going to read next.  There’s a very long queue on the Kindle.  There’s a free read on Smashwords by Red Tash called The Wizard Takes a Holiday.  I might just give that a go since I already read PJ Jones’s free (and raunchily funny) short Naughty Little Schnitzel.

TV Goodness:


I gotta say, I’m really looking forward to the UK premier of Lost Girl.  A series about a bisexual succubus who is somehow Fae (that ought to be an interesting twist on folklore).  How bad can that be?

For those in the UK, tune in next Thursday (1 Sept) to SyFy for your first peek at the show.  Fingers crossed it’s a good one.  We could use some paranormal goodness on TV.

Well, I’ve got a three day weekend ahead and you know what that means.  Writing like a fiend!  My new Dragon Wars series has taken a slight (yet interesting) turn and the first novel has morphed into a new name with a slightly different ending than originally planned.  But trust me, it’s going to be chock full of apocalyptic goodness.

Happy Friday!







Writer Wednesday Special Edition: Angels Among Us

As you all know, I don’t normally post on a Thursday.  However, I managed to convince the fabulous paranormal romance author Melissa A Smith to do a guest post for me today.  Her very first EVER guest post.  SQUEE!

Enough about squee!  Over to you, Melissa …

Hello to all the fabulous readers who happen to love stopping by this great blog! It’s really nice to meet you all!

My name is Melissa Smith and I write romance. Paranormal romance :-) I’ve always loved a good story but it wasn’t until recently (about 3 years ago) that I’d picked up my first romance novel and read it. I loved it! Suddenly my reading library had expanded by so many new authors I was practically living at the library. I kid you not when I say all the librarians at my local library know me my name and face. Not to mention my reading habits. They noticed when last year I suddenly stopped coming in. It was during this time that I sat down and started to write my first book, Cloud Nine. When it was complete and I needed a little writing break, I paid them a visit. They all asked if everything at home was ok, if I was ok and what had happened that I’d stopped coming in almost every day for a new book. I shared my news and was greeted by several wow’s and hugs.

My first novel, Cloud Nine, is a little like our current world. Many people believe there are angels all around us even though we never see them. Well in the world I created they really do exist and people really do interact with them. They come to us during our greatest need and try to help us work our way through it. To make our way to the other side. Some people thrive and move onto happy healthy lives while others simply can’t accept who’s helping them.

Claire is an average teenager struggling with her last year in high school. Sterling is a Guardian who has decided to take on Claire as his most recent Charge. Believing she needs a little help (does she?) he shows himself to her. Sparks fly and anger arises. Friends are made while enemies start plotting. In the end will what they feel for each other be enough or will one of them finally give up?

Thunderhead is the conclusion to their story. Did they make it or were they finally torn apart?

Now THAT sounds like a fantastic tale!  

Thanks for sharing with us, Melissa.  Don’t forget to check out her books!

In the meantime, you can find Melissa here:




Writer Wednesday: The Randomness of It All!

There is a game of tag going around the blogging community right now, and I guess I’m”it”.

No, not that It.

I’ve been tagged by the awesome Samantha Warren. To play, you simply need to be tagged by someone. Then you list 10 random facts about yourself and tag four more people. Here are my random facts. Brace yourselves!

1.  I’ve been obsessed with cemeteries and gravestones since I was a kid.  No idea why.  Maybe it’s because my parents used to drag us kids to the local family cemetery down at the Oregon Coast once a year for a gardening session.  In any case, I still find them wonderfully peaceful and full of inspirational little sparks flying around.

2.  I love coffee.  I love chocolate.  I love eating chocolate things while drinking coffee.  What I hate is when they mix coffee and chocolate together.  Like putting a few teaspoons of coffee into a chocolate cake.  Or coffee cream filled chocolates.  NASTY!  I love mochas, though.  Go figure.

3.  I’m allergic to seafood.  Which is fine by me.  I hate fish with an ever loving passion.

4.  I am also obsessed with the apocalypse.  Or rather, surviving said apocalypse and rebuilding society like a futuristic Swiss Family Robinson.  Again, no idea why.

5.  I’ve been living here five years, but I still sometimes wander around London gaping like a bloody tourist.  All I can do is think in awe, “I live here.  I really, really live here.”

6.  Willy Wonky and the Chocolate Factory scared the ever lovin’ beejesus out of me when I was a kid.  You know when the German boy falls into the river of chocolate and then gets sucked up that tube?  Then they all travel with Willy Wonka through that creepy tunnel on that horrid boat?  Yeah, nightmares for weeks.

7.  I once had the most amazingly vivid dream about vampires from outer space.  (Yes, I know how odd that is that Willy Wonky gives me nightmares but vampires from outer space are fun.) Yes, I will write a book about it.

8.  I’m mildly obsessed with Latin dance.  I’ve learned salsa, meringue, forro’, samba, and some other dance I can’t pronounce but has something to do with Carnivale in Rio.  Yes, sometimes I let loose and boogie in my bedroom.  You got a problem with that?

9.  I used to be able to quote every line in The Princess Bride.  I’m pretty sure I can still do most of it.

10.  I’m actually the normal one in my family.  No really.  Ask anyone.

And now TAG … these guys are IT!

PJ Jones

L.M. Pruitt

Prudence MacLeod (No relation.  Honest.  Not that either of us would mind if we were!)

Gene Lempp

Mythos Monday: My Big Fat Greek Goddess

And another Monday strikes again.  Lucky me, I get to stagger out of bed at 5:30 am to head to ye olde day job.

Still, a good jam session 80s style will wake anyone up …

Sigh.  Oh, yeah.  Better than coffee.  Well, almost.

I’ve always had a thing for Greek mythology.  You know; gods, goddesses, mythical heroes.  I swear I’ve had a crush on Apollo since I was six (I wasn’t very specific about whether this was the god Apollo or the BSG Apollo.  Frankly, I’d have taken either.  They were both pretty hot in my book!).

I haven’t written anything involving the Pantheon yet, which is sort of surprising.  In my mind I have this idea of the way religions in Morgan’s world of Sunwalkers have evolved.  Outwardly looking much like our own, but inwardly something just different enough.  But that hasn’t so far made it into the books.  I’m not sure it will, either.

Then again, you never know.

Because I’m also fascinated by Egyptian mythology.  Though I can’t claim any crushes on Egyptian gods.  I mean, who wants to date some guy with the head of a jackal?  How on earth do you explain that to your mother?  And can you imagine the table manners?

Then again, if an Egyptian god looked like Apophis (the SG1 one, not the snake one), I might have to rethink my stance.  Because whoa Nelly!

Of course that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There are still the Celtic gods, the Norse gods, the Indian gods, the Incan gods … You get my meaning.  There are just so many mythologies to choose from with so many interesting (and frightening) belief systems and ways of expressing those beliefs.

For instance it is believed that the Zapotecs (like the Mayans and Aztecs) practiced human sacrifice.  Can you imagine what that must have been like as an outsider staring in (sacrificial offerings were often, though not always, outsiders) at your own death to a foreign god?  Can you imagine a world in the future where somehow society collapses and we return to the barbaric ways of our ancestors?

Or what about the ancient Mesopotamian practice of sacred prostitution.  It was considered a woman’s spiritual duty to prostitute herself at the temple of Mylitta once in her life.  If the ancient Greek, Herodotus, was horrified by the practice, you can imagine what a modern woman would feel thrust into such a world. Time travel sounds all well and good until you wind up in a Mesopotamian temple.

What are your favorite mythologies?  Do you enjoy reading/writing tales about the adventures of gods and goddesses?  Or do you prefer something a little more … down to earth …

Supernatural Saturday: It’s ALIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kissed by Fire

Book Two in the Sunwalker Saga

Vampire hunter Morgan Bailey’s life is about to take a turn for the weird. As if Sunwalkers,a Templar Knight, and an ancient Atlantean artefact weren’t enough.

When a MI8 analyst is brutally murdered, Morgan is called to London to investigate. She stumbles across a conspiracy involving an extinct supernatural race. Dragons. But the dragons may not be as extinct as everyone thought.

The Darkness grows inside her. A new power rages out of control. She is stalked through the streets of London by the vampire who murdered her.

Morgan must hunt her own killer. She must uncover the truth. Or humanity will be plunged into a war it can never hope to win.

62K words or about 248 paperback pages.

Available now on:


Amazon USA

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Fantastical Friday: Heros, Sheros, and Japanese Rock

It’s Friday!  It’s Fantastic!  It’s Fantastical Friday and have I got some goodness for you.

Video Goodness:

First off, I want to dedicate this week’s fabulous Friday video to fellow indie author and my Glitter Twin, Zombie King  Jack Wallen:

No idea what they’re saying.  Something about Rock and Roll and Hero.  And that’s good enough for me.

What on earth does that have to do with our favorite horror writer?

Well, Jack ain’t your one trick pony.  Although he rocks the casbah with his zombie and Fringe Killer novels, he’s also got a soft spot for a pair of killer heels and a super hero like no other, Shero.  The video just seemed a suitably glittery dedication.  (Actually, it could have used a little bit more glitter.)

Friday Book Club Goodness:

This week I finished a really fantastic book: Steven Montano’s Blood Skies.  Think post apocalyptic.  With vampires.  And magic.  And lots and lots of mayhem.  (And you know how I love me some mayhem!)

It reminded me a little of Justin Cronin’s The Passage.  Not because of any plot or character similarities, but because it had an almost literary style while still stuffed chock full of the fantastic awesomeness of genre.  

I’ve just started a new book, Voodoo Dues.  I met the author, Stephany Simmons on Twitter and was immediately enthralled with the idea of her urban fantasy novel.  And I gotta say, so far I’m LOVING it!  It’s fun, well written, and wonderfully creative.

Upcoming Goodness:

A lot of exciting things are going on right now.  I just finished a pre-Morgan short story about my Sunwalker, Jack.  It’s for a Halloween anthology a few of us indies are putting out to benefit an animal charity.  

I’ll post more details later, but it’s going to be incredible!

There’s a new collective in town.  We call ourselves the Indie Eclective.  Soon you’ll be able to find your favorite indie authors on one fabulous website.  We’ll still have our individual websites and blogs (Hello!  Indie!), but it’s a great way to find more of what you love.  Eclectic reading goodness by a collectively awesome bunch of writers.

And finally, Kissed by Fire (Book 2 in the Sunwalker Saga) will be released TOMORROW!  Let there be SQUEES of joy throughout the land!

What a way to kick off a Supernatural Saturday, right?  I can hardly believe the time is nearly here!

And naturally it’ll go live on Smashwords light years before Amazon (probably tonight), but what can you do?

Oh, yeah, baby!  This truly is a Fantastical Friday!

Writer Wednesday: Murder! Revenge! Sex! Killer-Hybrid-Creatures-of-Doom!

This stop on the IWU Never Ending Blog Tour, I have a very special guest.  He’s like a secret agent, a ninja, and a zombie slayer all rolled into one.  He’s the incredible Alan Nayes.

Welcome Alan and please, take it away!

Hi Shéa.  First, I would like to thank you for inviting me to your blog.

I initially met Shéa MacLeod through our Indie Writers Unite Facebook group back in July. She is the author of the fast paced urban fantasy novel, KISSED BY DARKNESS. Today I am here to introduce myself as well as tell the readers about my upcoming projects.

I’m basically a Texas guy living in southern California. Love it here, but I get back to my home state as much as possible. I started writing in college, but it was music. Very quickly I learned I couldn’t sing well—actually not at all–so I took a hiatus from writing until I moved to California where I took some classes in creative writing to relax. Little did I realize then that writing is anything but relaxing—for me anyway. Now reading, that’s relaxing.

My novel BARBARY POINT was released in mid May and is selling on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and  Smashwords. BARBARY POINT is a love story about a young ambitious woman who is engaged to a wealthy older man. When Kelly English has to fly back to Wisconsin to close out her father’s estate, the last thing on her mind is falling in love—again. But that is what happens when Kelly meets a fishing guide while taking care of business at her father’s place on Lake Winnebago. It will make you smile, laugh, and probably cry—though the tears won’t be because of the price. Only 99 cents!

This last July, I  released GARGOYLES as an ebook. GARGOYLES is a biomedical thriller about a beautiful premed student who becomes a surrogate mother in order to help pay for her mother’s cancer therapy. By signing the contract, though, Amoreena Daniels is unaware she’s just become a pawn in a high-stakes game of biomedical experimentation. Only when the baby begins to move—much too early—does she begin to suspect everything is not quite right with the pregnancy. Oh damn!GARGOYLES is book one of my RESURRECTION Trilogy series. Book two is PLAGUE, and a release date of late 2011 is planned.  Book three, RESURRECTION will come out sometime in 2012.

This August, THE UNNATURAL was released. THE UNNATURAL is a biomedical thriller/horror story and will leave you guessing until the very end.  When a cryonics experiment goes horribly awry, a serial killer is loosed on the city of Los Angeles that leaves even seasoned homicide detectives and coroners questioning the evidence. THE UNNATURAL is a twisted tale of cryonics, sex, revenge, murder and the bizarre hybrid creature that leaves an entire city cowering in fear.

In September, if all goes as planned (which it never does), I plan to release SMILODON, a tale about a huge cat that terrorizes a small town in the Pacific Northwest. Someone once said, a cat is a predator that nature somehow got right the first time around. Well, the cat in SMILODON is a predator that readers won’t soon forget.

Another story in the works is GIRL BLUE, just recently sold to Samhain Publishing. GIRL BLUE is a dark horror story about a terminally ill sculptor who becomes haunted by his last work.  A March 2012 release is planned.

Thank you again, Shéa  for allowing me to be a guest on your blog.

And thank you, Alan!  I loved reading more about your story AND your books. I especially love the sound of The Unnatural.  In fact, I’m headed over to buy it right now …

Alan Nayes can be contacted at:

Website http://anayes.com/

Goodreads  http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/527589.Alan_Nayes

Facebook http://on.fb.me/mflYEU

Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/alannayes

Blog   http://alannayes.blogspot.com/

His books can be found at:


Amazon http://amzn.to/jwaVbN

Barnesandnoble.com http://bit.ly/j4mUlk

Smashwords http://bit.ly/kZwoq7


Amazon http://amzn.to/nUMXs4

Barnesandnoble http://bit.ly/nBThYm

Smashwords https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/77758


Amazon http://amzn.to/oXRiNV

Barnesandnoble http://bit.ly/oxjm4S

Smashwords  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/80711